Infernal Romance, The Demolished Ones (Fate), Pathways #29

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Infernal Romance, The Demolished Ones (Fate), Pathways #29

Post by Qwilion » Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:52 pm


Now Available in full-color print and PDF!

Within you will find investigation, rebellious followers of the Stone Monkey, conniving Mandarin bureaucrats, and scheming Faen pirates. How will your adventurers find a run-away bride and win the race to avert the crushing doom of water which hangs overhead?. The jilted demon Chang-Wu is devious, and will stop at nothing to gain her revenge against the Moon Goddess!

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Come check out the FREE preview of our steampunk, victorian, noir, lovecraftian horror, dark fantasy, murder mystery, quest for identity, tabletop adventure game!

Written by the ENnie award winning designer Brian Engard (FateCore, Bulldogs!)

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