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Blast From the Past

Post by Rumbane » Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:29 am

I'm ecstatic to see you guys have a full-fledged publishing biz going!!! I remember reading teasers about Jade Oath back in the day & thinking "Yes! I want this! I want this now!!!" but then my GM moved, the group scattered & I got sucked into hell. Er, a new job. Yeah.

Anyway, AE's dead. -tear-

BUT I'm in a group again & I'm thinking about running an AE Jade Oath campaign. Or AE/JO/PF. I dunno. I've been browsing Paizo & Drivethru. The beta on Paizo is 338 pages, the one on Drivethru doesn't give a page count but the preview of the ToC shows less than 200 (no beta label). Then there's the PF version which . . . is a conversion of the AE, polished but split up? I'm a bit confused. The materials available at each location vary. I see class, race & archetype supplements - is this material from the Paizo AE beta that was trimmed out & converted? Let's say I want the AE. Do I want the one from Paizo or Drivethru?

Am I correct that there is only one published adventure for Jade Oath (that it's Pathfinder shouldn't matter too much)?

UPDATE: I seem to have made the best decision by getting the Paizo BETA version as it included the Pathfinder release as well. I'm currently splicing the crunch into my Fantasy Grounds AE ruleset (which in turn I'm trying to get into FGII). Not an easy feat as I know NOTHING about xml or lua. Slow, but it's getting there.

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