Adventure Quarterly #6 (PFRPG) Full-color print and/or PDF

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Adventure Quarterly #6 (PFRPG) Full-color print and/or PDF

Post by Qwilion » Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:17 pm


Fungi, Artifacts, and Mechs, Oh My!

In the newest issue of Adventure Quarterly we bring you:

Ruins Perilous level 4 - The Fungarium by Paizo’s Rpg Superstar Mike Welham,

Fire & Ice a mission of destruction for 9th level characters by Bret Boyd in the middle of winter on an island that intersects with the Plane of Fire.

In Iron Clad 14th level PCs find themselves controlling an ancient construct known as he iron knight in this most unusual event-based adventure.

Plus two new GMing articles by industry veteran’s Creighton Broadhurst and Steven D. Russell

Find out more, check out the free full-sized preview or get your copy today in! full-color print AND/or PDF HERE!




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