The Secrets of the Iron Titan (PFRPG) plus Charity Bundle

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The Secrets of the Iron Titan (PFRPG) plus Charity Bundle

Post by Qwilion » Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:39 pm


Become More Machine

From the same folks who let you play a dragon, now you can try you hand a a consruct. This new 1st -20th level base class is designed for use by player characters at every level of play; allowing the character to emulate an iron golem, a transforming construct, or a watchman brought back from the dead as a cyborg.

Find out more, check out the full-sized free preview or get your copy today HERE!


Gamers Helping Gamers Charity Bundle 92% off, $30.00 (was $380.19, saving $350.19)

Jonathon Thompson, owner of Battlefield Press, lost his girlfirend a few days ago to an unexpected heart attack. Not only is this a devastating blow, but it is also an extremely expensive one.

The entirety of the royalties from this bundle will help defray the unexpected costs of Tammy's funeral.

Just take a look at the companies that have come together in suport of Jonathn in his time of need:

Stygian Fox, Savage Mojo, Rite Publishing, Rogue Geniuis Games, Miskatonic River Press, DSL Ironworks, Arc Dream Publishing, Applied Vectors, Obatron Productions, and Evil Beagle Games!

If cannot give your financial support please help spread the word (its for a good cause and an awesome deal).

You will find it HERE!
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