LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 258 is up

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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 242 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Fri Sep 10, 2021 3:20 am

Session 242 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 2) – 25th August 2021

- GM’s note: Grant and Ethan enter the river caverns.

- The menacing Greg decides to take charge of the situation. They know that Greg is a debt-collector, and they can see why. He is powerfully built, his face is scarred, and he carries a mace with him. He cuts an intimidating figure. He leads them into the caverns where they can rest out of the rain.
- Tellurian is resuscitated and needs a few minutes to catch his breath. Gareth doesn’t seem particularly keen to follow Greg’s lead, but he sees little alternative. Grant hangs back, helping Ethan to walk. Ethan’s injuries look pretty bad, but Ethan says that he’ll live (Grant knows that Ethan will be subtly using Eidolon to heal himself).
- The opening leads to a maze of tunnels. Tellurian uses magic to create a light source and they begin exploring, trying to find a way out. Grant and Ethan find that their Wayfinding isn’t working very well here. This sort of interference must be related to why they came here – there is something that will happen here, or near here.
- Greg, Tellurian and Gareth lead the way. They find a group of goblins who are in no mood for a fight. Their leader, Boz, explains that two of their number have been eaten by a creature in the catacombs. They are trying to rest before trying to get past the creature to escape. While the discussion goes on, Grant slips away (he can see in the dark with his Umbra mastery) and he finds that a locked door nearby. This is no barrier to a Master of the Stair, and he finds a bolthole inside with a bed, some dried rations on the shelves and some wood for a fire. It looks like this is a hiding place for unknown persons.
- Returning to the group, Grant persuades Greg that they should avoid the dangerous monster that has eaten two of the goblins and they start exploring other passageways. They quickly find the locked door, which Tellurian can open with a simple spell. Inside there is a place to rest and get warm. Even though there is only one bed and not even enough food for all of them, there is firewood here and a place to light it. Hence, they warm and dry themselves. Ethan sits quietly and uses Eidolon to slowly heal himself.
- They decide to wait out the storm before moving on. Hours later, probably close to dawn, they begin moving again. Wary that the monster that the goblins spoke of may be hungry again, they move carefully. This time they all have torches of wood which they have salvaged from the firewood.
- They find many passageways, some of them collapsed but Boz and the other goblins have left. Unwilling to face the monster in the dark, they try to find another way out. This leads them into a section of the catacombs that is less waterlogged and appears to be man-made. Unfortunately, poor Gareth triggers a trap and is shot in the chest with a crossbow bolt and gravely injured. The trap itself is not old – it’s been recently armed. Grant joins Greg at the front of the party whilst Ethan assists a badly wounded Gareth.
- This new section of catacombs appears to have partially collapsed, just like the rest, but it is not natural. They find torch sconces, a hidden alcove with a fountain which spews brown muck from a fish-faced creature.
- Travelling deeper, they find a chamber where they find a meditating robed figure. The figure appears to be deep in a trance but there is an old tapestry on the wall which Tellurian identifies as ‘ancient Nyrath’. Smeared in blood are words which the others cannot read, but Grant and Ethan read part of a prophecy.
- “Five Deaths as Five are the Points of Its Star.
The First Death an Innocent One.
The Second Death a Servant of the Merciful.
The Third Death the Hand of Justice.”
- Greg attempts to confront the robed figure but just as he is about to land a hand on him, the figure whirls and snarls at him. It is a fish-faced creature like that seen in the alcove. There are crude teeth in its maw and it casts a black spell, casting bolts of energy and hurling Greg back.
* A Lurker. Image sourced from Google Images
- Greg is more angry than hurt and he swings his mace at the creature, doing a serious wound to its head. However, the creature goes berserk and swings a stone axe of its own, catching Greg full in the face. Greg crumples and the creature takes a further step before succumbing to its own injuries. Staggered by the loss of Greg, Grant steps up to take charge.
- They search the rest of the chamber and find that a good section of this place has collapsed, but there are two damaged statues here. One is of a woman who appears to be holding snakes, or perhaps eels. The other is of a woman holding a large stone ring. It looks like there was once a third statue, but it has been crushed when the roof collapsed.
- Exploring further, Grant runs into more of the fish-men. They appear to have performed some sort of human sacrifice. With the others out of eyesight, Grant cuts loose and kills them all. He can’t find the sacrificed body but he finds clothes and belongings of the poor fellow. This man was Sheriff Thaddeus Tystamere, a ‘man of justice’. Grant quickly guesses that this is the prophesized third sacrifice and that these fishmen have two more kills to make before something ‘bad’ happens.
- They find the body of poor Thaddeus and his horse being slowly devoured by adolescent fishmen in the next room, in a shallow pool. Grant decides to kill them all, and they work together to wipe out the creatures.
- On the way out, Grant senses the presence of magic and he is able to find a secret stash of over a thousand copper pieces. At last they are able to find an exit to the surface. The stairs leading upwards are covered by a wooden sheet. Once removed, they find that it is daytime outside and they are able to reach the woods only a few hundred yards from the bridge.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 243 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Fri Sep 10, 2021 3:24 am

Session 243 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 3) – 5th September 2021

- GM’s note: Grant and Ethan reach the village of Tyland Mills.

- A weary group consisting of Grant, Tellurian, Ethan and Gareth heads towards Tyland Mills. Ethan is having to help Gareth – he still has a crossbow bolt in his chest and is having trouble breathing.
- They stagger into town. A few farmers look at them curiously, and then help is sought when they realise that a healer is needed. Marius the Black is sent for and the four travelers are helped into the Good Omen Inn.
- The Good Omen Inn is run by three sisters – Sylvia, Irina and Nadia. The mayor, a halfling named Prigg, turns up to see what is going on. Marius the Black, a swarthy dwarf, arrives and looks over Gareth. He thinks that he can save him – they help him into an upstairs bed and Marius prepares to extract the bolt.
* Prigg (Left), Marius the Black (Right). Images sourced from Google Images
- Ethan looks exhausted. Tellurian looks very tired. It is Grant who explains to Prigg what has happened, and that the Sheriff has been killed. Prigg is shocked. The old Sheriff died a few months ago and they had asked for a replacement to be sent from Varesia. Nadia cooks some food for them and Irina makes sure that they are looked after. Tellurian staggers upstairs to bed. Marius looks over Ethan’s injuries and remarks that he’s lucky to be alive. Ethan has to be helped upstairs.
- Grant spends time explaining to Prigg all that he has seen. He strikes Prigg as a responsible sort of character so Prigg asks if he would consider taking a job as Sheriff. It pays twenty-five silver pieces a week. The Mill Lady (the Lady of these lands) is currently away but if Grant is interested, Prigg is happy to suggest it to her. Grant says that he needs to think about it.
- While the others sleep, Grant looks around town, trying to get a better appreciation of the place. It is a small town. The fortification of Tyland Mill is about a mile away from the township itself. That evening, Ethan is feeling better. He is still banged up but he is healing fast. He joins Grant for dinner and the two of them talk about Prigg’s offer. Grant is tempted to accept it, but he’s not sure whether Ethan would be better placed to accept. If Ethan accepts, then Grant would potentially have more freedom of movement to investigate what is going on here.
- The next morning Tellurian and Gareth join them for breakfast. Gareth looks pale but he is hungry. Grant shares that he is considering becoming Sheriff and he wonders if the others could be persuaded to serve as deputies. Grant would like Tellurian to investigate what was discovered in the river caverns, and Gareth seems pretty handy in a fight. Gareth looks wary about this offer – Grant gets the impression that he may be a wanted man.
- It will be another three weeks before the next carriage comes through to take whoever wants to go to Old Oak. In the meantime, accepting would give them a job and some income. The others agree to this, although Grant observes a certain reluctance in Gareth.
- Prigg stops by to see if Grant has made up his mind and is pleased when Grant says that he’ll accept the job, at least temporarily until they can request a replacement Sheriff from Varesia. Prigg offers to walk them over to the Old Tower that Olo maintains for the Sheriff.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 244 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Sat Sep 25, 2021 11:17 pm

Session 244 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 4) – 15th September 2021

- GM’s note: Grant has accepted the role of Sheriff of Tyland.

Day 2 – Wineday – 18th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- Grant, Tellurian and a very sore Ethan are introduced to Old Olo, the caretaker of the Sheriff’s Tower, and are shown around where they will be staying. The old Sheriff (Gideon) died of old age a few months earlier and he had no deputies so most of the tower is unused. Grant realises that he needs to fit out the tower with fresh cots and fresh bedding, make sure that the kitchen has everything that it needs to cook for many, and so forth.
- Ethan decides to visit the candlemaker (Rowan, and her apprentice John the Fair) to get some candles to light the place. The candles are made from Nyrathi beeswax – Nyrathi bees are as large as cats but their honey and wax are highly prized. Grant goes to Prigg’s general store to organise for supplies, furniture and bedding to be provided. He pays for everything out of the loot acquired from the River Caverns.
* Rowan (Left), John the Fair (Right). Images sourced from Google Images
- Until beds can be put in place, Ethan and Gareth will stay at the Good Omen Inn. Ethan does what he can, but he is still very sore from his injuries. He spies a bow in the armoury and resolves to see whether he still has a keen eye. It has been many years since he has used a bow. Tellurian helps Grant set up the tower.
- That afternoon, Prigg comes to see what the new Sheriff is up to, and he offers to introduce Grant to some of the villagers. Grant agrees to this and he is taken next door to meet Thorn Fellowthongs, the local smith who is still grieving the disappearance of his fourteen year-old daughter, Jinny. She disappeared two months ago and hasn’t been seen since. Thorn asks for Grant’s help and the two spend the rest of the day together, Grant listening intently to everything that Thorn knows about his daughter’s disappearance. (As such, Grant doesn’t get to meet anyone else on Wineday as Thorn consumes all of his available time)
* Thorn Fellowthongs. Image sourced from Google Images
- Meanwhile, Ethan takes stock of the village and the state of the armoury. There is only one bow, two spears and a rusty old sword in the armoury. Only three quivers of arrows and no fletcher in town. He looks over the simple smith’s tools which are in the Sheriff’s Tower and figures that he might need to do some blacksmithing when he is feeling better. He talks a little with Tellurian to understand how believes magic works in this realm but doesn’t let on that Ethan knows how to use magic too. Then he explores town a little – there are no fixed defences, and not enough villagers here to form any sort of militia. Ethan wonders what they will do if the local bandits come in force.
- They share a meal at the Good Omen Inn that evening and talk a little. Gareth remains quiet. Ethan shares what he has observed to date and notes that it will be difficult to police the roads to the north where Red’s men have been active if they have no horses. He presumes they will have to go to Stone Bridge to acquire some.
- After everyone else has retired, Grant decides to read some of the old Sheriff’s Journals and then he resolves to visit the River Caverns again to see if anyone or anything has returned. In the dead of night he reaches the way down into the caverns and begins exploring. He finds the creature that Boz and the other goblins feared – it is some sort of underground centipede with a great maw and many tentacles. In shadow-form, he edges around it and explores further without the beast being aware of him.
- Grant is annoyed to find that someone else has been here. Some of the bodies of then fishmen have been moved, and some of the items that formed part of the sacrificial ritual have been removed. He resolves to return to town and come back to acquire all of the remaining relics (and the stone tablets) before any more of these creatures return. It vexes him that there are probably more of these creatures out there, and so close to town.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 245 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Sat Sep 25, 2021 11:34 pm

Session 245 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 5) – 24th September 2021

- GM’s note: Continuing the Savage Worlds: Tyrnador campaign “Secrets of Tyland”, Grant and Tellurian explore the Old Temple where Brother Horace disappeared. Ethan recovers.

Of note is the Lords of Gossamer are trying to avoid being recognised as such. They can use their Warden abilities to open doors (but need to be careful not to be seen). They can understand languages. However, Umbra and Eidolon Mastery can be detected in this realm, and capital ‘S’ Sorcery which manipulates Gossamer Reality is also detectable. The PCs can use these abilities, but there will be consequences.

Sometimes we find that the players want to ‘cut loose’ and be demi-gods. But other times, it is fun to conceal those abilities – and we just need to craft a reason why. Sometimes it is because magic is frowned upon, and other times, it is because they don’t want to be detected.

Day 3 – Thunderday – 19th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- Ethan is woken during the night as he feels Gossamer Reality being disturbed. Dressing quickly, he heads to the River Caverns and meets Grant who is on his way back. Grant is intrigued to find that even small uses of Umbra can easily be sensed in this Realm (GM’s note – this was our way of making sure that Umbra Mastery and Eidolon Mastery weren’t being used in this game as it would significantly unbalance matters). They return to Tyland Mills.
- In the morning, Grant is in the process of borrowing a wagon from Prigg to recover the stone tablets from the River Caverns when he is interrupted by Thorn Fellowthongs. Thorn takes Grant by the arm, and they talk extensively about Jinny’s disappearance. Thorn shows Grant where Jinny slept, the personal effects that she left behind, and takes him into the forest nearby to explain where he has already searched.
- Ethan and Tellurian keep working on the tower. Olo provides some tools to assist. In the afternoon, Ethan sits on the bank of the nearby Dusker river and gently feels to understand how this world’s magic works so that he can employ it. He notes Nadia, the youngest of the three sisters that manage the Good Omen Inn, venturing into the woods with a basket in hand. It seems that she’s off to pick mushrooms.
- Grant promises Thorn that he will look for Jinny. The idea has occurred to him that the disappearance of Brother Horace a month after Jinny’s disappearance is probably connected. He explains to Thorn that he wants to find Brother Horace. Thorn mentions that Prigg keeps a spare key and Grant heads off to find Prigg.
- Feeling much better, Ethan walks along the banks of the Dusker and finds Irina, Nadia’s dark-haired sister, chopping wood behind the Good Omen Inn. He notes that the woodpile is very low. Ethan decides to stop and talk to her. They share an amiable conversation as she continues chopping (she splits the wood with ease – she’s strong and practised at this). She confirms that her sister Nadia often heads into the woods to collect mushrooms or various herbs for the meals. Irina explains that the three sisters left Scarlet about three years and came to Tyland Mills. The Good Omen was in poor shape when they first acquired it, but they’ve worked hard on it since. Most of it has been their work, but some of the community has helped as well. Ethan smiles at this and says that he’ll help where he can. She points out that wood always needs to be chopped, there are always repairs to be done – and she and her sisters won’t turn down a kind offer. Ethan gets the impression that the three of them are self-reliant and competent. They don’t really need anyone’s help.
- Ethan performs a circuit of the woods and the outlying farms and then returns to the tower. Olo still hasn’t found the key to the third floor. Grant returns to the tower in the afternoon – he has the key to Brother Horace’s house but decides to postpone his exploration until the next day. Grant, Ethan and Tellurian sit down in the kitchen to plan out what else they need.

Day 4 – Fireday – 20th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- Ethan is feeling much better. The bruises still show but his injuries have largely healed. Gareth is more mobile, but he needs more time to heal. Grant borrows a wagon from Prigg and they head to the River Caverns. Tellurian has a bad feeling about the caverns and he points out that there has been some disturbance of the sacrificial circle. Some of the items have been moved, and some have been taken. This annoys Grant even more because clearly someone else is coming here. Over the morning, they take all of the stone tablets about Nyrath back to the Tower. They lug them one by one upstairs to Tellurian’s desk and he sits down to read them.
- As they return to the Tower, Olo remembers his promise to find the key to the third floor and they hear him rummaging around in his shack looking for it.
- Thorn tries to talk to Grant again about his hunt for Jinny. Grant explains that he is going to investigate Brother Horace’s disappearance in case they are connected and Thorn leaves him alone to continue his investigation. Grant and Ethan head over to Brother Horace’s house. Grant unlocks the door and searches the place while Ethan looks around for clues on the outside.
- On the ground floor is a small congregational room and a kitchen. There is old food here – clearly Horace didn’t expect to be away very long. Ethan finds Grant and tells him that there isn’t any evidence that Horace owned a horse so he would have been travelling on foot. He doesn’t see anything suspicious outside. Grant says that he’s going to check out the attic and Ethan decides to go for a walk around town and talk to some people.
- Climbing the ladder to the attic, Grant finds Horace’s living quarters and a desk. Searching the place, he finds a quill and ink but no writing paper. Intrigued, he searches more carefully and finds a hidden diary. The last journal entry that Brother Horace wrote says that he was off to the Old Temple with a friend, hoping to reconsecrate it to Myrthala (the local healing diety). The last journal entry is dated thirty-two days prior.
- Ethan returns to the Good Omen Inn to pick up the last of his things and to thank the sisters for looking after him. To his surprise, they offer him a hamper of goodies to take.
* Irina (left), Sylvia (centre) and Nadia (right). Images from Secrets of Tyland (Gramel Publishing)
- Ethan heads back to the Tower, figuring to deposit the hamper there but he spots the Widow Gimilkina watching him from her front porch and he goes over to greet her. She mistakenly assumes that Ethan has brought ‘gifts’ to share with her but seeing her positive reaction, Ethan offers her a selection. She only takes an apple, but the change in her demeanour is astonishing. She asks Ethan to join her and she makes tea for them both. They talk for a while, and Ethan asks her about the town and what she knows of the town’s many problems. They have a pleasant conversation and Ethan returns to the tower to share the food with Tellurian.
* Gimilkina. Image sourced from Google Images
- Grant finishes his search of Brother Horace’s house. He returns the key to Prigg and heads back to the Tower. Picking up a piece of homemade cake (from the hamper), he sits down to start reading through the previous Sheriff’s papers.

Day 5 – Swordsday – 21st Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- The next morning, Ethan starts early. He takes an axe and begins working through the wood pile. The wood pile at the Sheriff’s Tower is large and hasn’t been cut in a long time. Irina and Nadia pay him a visit. They seem pleased to see that he’s feeling better. Ethan thanks them for the hamper. Nadia is very shy and doesn’t say a word. Ethan asks them about whether there are any woodcutters working nearby (he has noted that the Good Omen woodpile was very low). Irina remarks that most of the wood comes from the nearby town of Cutting Field, even though the old sawmill isn’t operating any more, but there are some local woodcutters as well. Irina asks Ethan what he plans to do next, and Ethan explains that the north road isn’t being patrolled and he’s going to tackle that the next day.
- Grant is learning a lot from the Sheriff’s papers. The Sheriff was very old when he died and he had no deputies so he was very limited on what he could do. Red’s bandits have grown in number over the last few years and there was little that the Sheriff could do.
- Old Olo finds the key to the third floor and delightedly runs over to the Tower to give to the Sheriff. Ethan excuses himself from Irina and Nadia and goes inside. The door is quickly unlocked and they find a dusty third floor that hasn’t been used in a long time. There is a great tapestry of Ventar on the wall and a mechanical device that can be mounted in front of each of the arrow slits. Grant and Tellurian are fascinated by this and find that this is an elaborate spyglass. They can see more than twenty miles with this device, giving them a great deal of visibility over the surrounding forest. Tellurian speculates that this was probably one of the Warden Towers. The Wardens were disgraced when they failed in their duty to detect the Necromancer’s armies when they came across the southern seas.
- Ethan leaves Grant and Tellurian to their excitement – he’s been indoors for too long and he wants to explore. He goes to visit Rowan and John the Fair (the candlemakers), visits Prigg (and asks about merchants and river barges from Stone Bridge) and then looks over the farms with Thom Rishavel.
- After spending a few hours with the spyglass, making observations about what they can see with it, Grant decides that it’s important to meet the people of the town. He asks the Mayor to accompany and introduce him. He is introduced to Widow Gimilkina first, who is pleased to meet him but keeps comparing him to ‘that charming deputy of yours, Ethan’ who brought her gifts. Seeing that it could be a long conversation, Grant promises to come back to talk further. Prigg takes him to meet Rowan and John the Fair (the candlemakers) and Thom and Gina Rishavel (the largest farming family in Tyland Mills). Thom and Gina invite him to share afternoon tea with them (cheese, fruit, bread, beer) and Grant accepts their hospitality. Gina notes that she hasn’t heard from her sister Myrella, who lives in Cutting Field, for over a month. Grant assumes incorrectly that she would like an escort to visit Cutting Field (which is two days away).
* Thom and Gina. Images sourced from Google Images. I think the picture of Thom could be from Paizo.
- In each place Grant is received well, although Takk the Tanner seems wary of him. Grant returns to Gimilkina’s house and they talk for an extended period of time. Gimilkina is scathing of pretty much everyone in the village (Prigg is a young upstart, the three women of the Good Omen Inn are ‘women of ill repute’, John the Fair is much more than Rowan’s apprentice … and what they do is ‘disgusting’…. and so on). Grant listens politely and makes inquiries. He is keen to know what she knows, figuring that there will also be some truth amongst her theories and suspicious. At last he leaves, and heads to the Good Omen Inn for dinner with the others. Tellurian shares the information that he has read through many of the stone tablets – it looks like the ancient city of Nyrath is somewhere nearby.

Day 6 – Saintsday – 22nd Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- Saintsday is ‘Sunday’ in this place. It is a rest day. Grant spends time reading through the Sheriff’s journals and understanding the laws of this place that he is supposed to enforce.
- Ethan takes the bow from the armoury and tests that his aim is as good as he remembers – and it is. Leaving town, he heads north along the road to Varesia. He plans to walk for ten miles to just past the junction which branches off to Stone Bridge, and then return. The walk is pleasant and he encounters no trouble, just some lost sheep that have strayed too far from one of the outlying farms which he needs to guide back to their master.
- The day is quiet and Grant finds a lot of interesting information in Gideon’s journals. It looks like Red has gone from from being a nuisance to a serious problem in the last two years. Gideon speculates that there are at least thirty bandits and they are raiding more and more frequently. He also notes that he believes that Red is the bastard son of the old Mill Lord, and hence is Marian’s half-sister. The old Mill Lord used to visit a washerwoman frequently, and Red even lived for a time in Tyland Mill.
- Ethan returns from his patrol and stops in at the Good Omen Inn on the way back. He talks with Irina and Sylvia for a bit about other merchants who have travelled through – he hasn’t seen any arrivals since they got here and he is wondering if this is normal or not.
- Gareth seems to be feeling much better, although he seems a little reluctant to join Grant and the others at the Sheriff’s Tower (GM’s note – Gareth is a wanted man) When Grant points out that a deputy earns money for wages, Gareth counters that the Mill Lady pays wages and she hasn’t been seen in over a week. (She is still visiting Lord Korab at the Weeping Castle, two days journey to the north). They wonder when she will return.

Day 7 – Moonday – 23rd Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- Ethan agrees to head to Cutting Field. He wants to check the state of the roads and promises to check on Gina’s sister Myrella. Gina gives him a letter to give to her.
- Gareth is given light duties until he has recovered but he settles into the Tower. Grant notes that he has a small animal companion – a pet rat which he feeds titbits to.
- Grant checks out the River Caverns again and this time, nothing has been disturbed. Returning, he starts to read through Brother Horace’s diary.
- That morning, a river barge from Stone Bridge arrives. The merchant is warmly received by the people of Tyland Mills. The three sisters of the Good Omen Inn were expecting provisions, including barrels of beer. Prigg also needed a lot of supplies for his store. It seems that most of the town had requests of one kind of another and the merchant has fulfilled what he can. Grant introduces himself to the merchant and asks for news of Stone Bridge. Grimly, the merchant (Kell) tells him that the Steel Eagle mercenaries are making things very difficult for businessmen like himself. Kell is happy to stay for a day or two but then he plans to head downstream to Cutting Field where he hopes to pick up wood.
- That evening the mood in the Good Omen Inn is very jolly. Most of the town turns up. Sylvia, Irina and Nadia are very busy.
- Ethan’s day on the road is uneventful. He enjoys the peace and quiet.

Day 8 – Towerday – 24th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- Grant has read enough of Brother Horace’s journal to recognise him as a frustrated young man who was determined to impress the people of Tyland Mills. The Old Temple that he wanted to investigate is only a few miles from the village. Even though a ‘Friend’ is mentioned more than once in the diary, it is not clear who this friend is. Clearly the ‘Friend’ is someone that Horace confided in, someone he trusted and had a connection with.
- Grant gives Gareth instructions to get familiar with the township and its surroundings, then he and Tellurian head west into the forest to find the Old Temple. However, they are distracted by a group of four goblins who are in pursuit of a runaway lizard. Disturbed at how close the goblins are to Tyland Mills, they follow the goblins and the recaptured lizard. This takes them hours and they find a much larger group of goblins who have more of these lizards that they seem to use as guard dogs (or perhaps hunting dogs).
- Feeling diverted, they return and find the Old Temple. They find it is devoted to an old, old god that Grant recognises as being one of the fey. They search it room by room and find evidence that Brother Horace and his ‘Friend’ have been here before. The whole place is disused and overgrown. There is an old treeman here called Oldroot who is so old that he can no longer move. He asks Grant in ponderous tones if he has seen his brother (Strongbranch) or his sister (Softbark). Grant speaks kindly in elvish to the treeman (much to the surprise of Tellurian). Oldroot tells Grant that he made a bargain with Lord Wynterlyr an age ago to guard this temple, but since Lord Wynterlyr is trapped ‘in the well’, Oldroot is trapped here, seemingly forever. When asked about Brother Horace, Oldroot speaks of a foolish young man and a warrior with long raven hair who went down into the bowels of the Temple and only the warrior returned. Oldroot says that something terrible happened but then he begins speaking cryptically about things that Grant does not understand.
- With the light fading, they decide to return to Tyland Mills.
- Ethan reaches the town of Cutting Field but there is no smoke rising from the buildings, and no movement within the town. He resolves to camp a few miles away and investigate in the morning.

Day 9 – Wineday – 25th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- The next morning Tellurian and Grant prepare to return to the Old Temple. Grant expects to find Brother Horace’s body but this might give them some much needed clues.
- As they are about to leave the village, Grant notes that a strange delegation has arrived. It is a party of five riders, all with unpleasant faces. Four of them are clearly mercenaries, members of the Steel Eagles, while a fifth is a lanky, unclean fellow wearing a tabard with Lord Korab’s colours.
- The unclean fellow seeks out the Mayor (Prigg) and tells him that Lady Marian of Tyland Mills has ‘joyously’ agreed to marry Lord Korab, with the wedding taking place in a week’s time. Emissaries from Tyland Mills can be sent to witness the ceremony (but not too many). Lord Korab is expecting proper recognition of his rights and the emissaries should bring his due taxes which amount to …. five thousand silvers. The unclean fellow says that Lady Marian may be indisposed if the money is not brought.
- Prigg is dumbfounded by this news. The unclean fellow then mounts his horse and rides east in the direction of the Tyland Mill itself to presumably tell Lady Marian’s staff there.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 246 is up

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Session 246 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 6) – 29th September 2021

- GM’s note: Sorry, I stuffed up in the previous writeup. So much detail and I missed some important points.

The Lord of these Lands is the Mill Lady, Lady Marian. She has been absent since Grant and Ethan first arrived in Tyland Mills, visiting Lord Korab. As of 25th of Winterwane, Grant (now Sheriff of Tyland Mills) has learned that Lord Korab plans to marry Lady Marian.

There is also a group of bandits that are preying on travellers through the area. They are led by Red, and there is a bounty of 600 silvers if he can be captured alive. The old Sheriff (Gideon) believed that Red is Lady Marian’s half-brother and he has at least thirty men.

There is a bounty notice posted outside of the Sheriff’s Tower which includes rewards for bandits, goblins (!?!) and notables such as Red, two of Red’s lieutenants (Heads-or-Tails, Blacktoe the Smith), and then two Ogres called Zomp and Zamp who have been disturbing some of the local farmers (smashing things up, taking the occasional goat or sheep).

Here’s a map of the area that shows what Grant is currently aware of (this is screen captured from Roll20). It’s just the current map – I am currently redrawing this with Campaign Cartographer 3+ as there are some aspects that I don’t like. But it’ll do for now.

* This image is an edited version of that found in Tyrandor: Secrets of Tyland by Gramel Books

Day 9 – Wineday – 25th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- The unclean fellow wearing Lord Korab’s colours has just informed the Mayor (Prigg) of Lord Korab’s plans to marry Lady Marian in a week’s time. Grant listens but is not introduced. The party of five rides east in the direction of the fortified Millhouse to inform the staff there of the news.
- It is raining. Prigg swallows, gathers his thoughts, and then invites Grant inside for a cup of tea. Prigg’s hands are shaking. He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t think they have the five thousand silvers that Twistle (Korab’s speaker and his right-hand man) has demanded. He realises that he’ll need to talk with Ventur (the Mill Lady’s orderly who manages the Millhouse in her absence) and with Theod, the man who speaks on behalf of the nearby Steads. Grant suggests that they meet at the Sheriff’s tower so that they can have a private conversation.
- Grant heads back to the Tower. Gareth has observed the exchange and asks what is going on. Grant tells him. Gareth is disappointed – he notes that they don’t get paid until the Mill Lady approves their appointment, and if she is married, who knows if they will ever get paid.
- That afternoon, Prigg, Ventur, Theod and Grant meet on the third floor in the Sheriff’s Tower. None of them believe that Marian would willingly want to marry Lord Korab.
* Prigg (Left), Ventur (Middle), Theod (Right). Images sourced from Google Images
- Prigg has looked at the town’s finances and thinks that they could afford two thousand silvers but not five thousand. Ventur wants to raise the levy and march on Lord Korab’s castle to rescue the Mill Lady. This sounds very impractical as they have no siege equipment, this levy would consist of untrained farmers and Lord Korab has a mercenary force (the Steel Eagles) of at least a hundred trained soldiers working for him. Theod points out the flaws in this plan and says that the Steads won’t answer a call for a levy. He is sympathetic to the Mill Lady’s situation but doesn’t know what they can do. They argue.
- Grant listens for a while and then asks about what they know of Korab’s castle, the Weeping Castle. He wonders if it would be possible to go there and steal her back. This idea is entertained but they think it would be very risky. Grant gets up and walks over to a piece of furniture, uses his Everful Purse to produce some gemstones, and then returns to the gathering, offering the additional funds to the village ‘as a loan’ so that they have the required tithe in a week’s time.
- Grant proposes that he head immediately to the Weeping Castle and try to break her out. He isn’t widely known as the Sheriff of Tyland Mills and hence it might be possible to break in, or even pretend to join the Steel Eagles to get closer to the Mill Lady and attempt a rescue. If he fails, they have more than five thousand silvers (with the addition of the gems) and can attend the wedding event. He simply asks that Ethan be one of the representatives sent with the emissaries. Ethan is currently away in Cutting Field but will likely return any day.
- The others have no other ideas and hence agree to Grant’s plan. Grant leaves the gemstones with them and gives instructions to Gareth and Tellurian that he’ll be gone for up to four days. He wants them to patrol the northern roads and take instruction from Ethan when he returns. Grant then quickly packs and heads off into the rain.
- Grant’s journey in the rain is wet but uneventful. He passes an outlying stead after twelve miles, and he camps for the night under a black oak tree which has a gash in it, about twelve feet up. Clearly others have slept here before – he resolves to return to this place and investigate further.

Day 10 – Thunderday – 26th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- It is a long, wet night and the rain worsens the next day. The rain is now bucketing down. Grant doesn’t mind this. It gives him cover. He reaches the Weeping Castle early in the day. It is a stone keep castle, surrounded by water (a short bridge across the Faern River can be used to reach the front gates). The castle itself is in poor repair, and there is thick moss growing in large sheets on the walls which give the impression that the castle is truly ‘weeping’.
- Grant spends time to study the castle. He uses his shapeshifting to switch into bird-form to make this easier. He guesses that there are barracks for over a hundred Steel Eagles, but about forty of them are in the castle at the present time. He has heard that the Steel Eagles also have a garrison in Stone Bridge (to the west) so they are not all here. They appear well armed and well disciplined.
- Using shapeshifting without disturbing gossamer reality is very hard and quite draining. He can only manage up to about half an hour at a time. Nevertheless, this is more than enough time to scope out the castle – he can access the externally facing rooms via the arrow-slits in the stonework and peer inside.
- He successfully looks around Korab’s rooms, finds the treasure chamber (chests open) and exits without being detected. Little by little, he works his way through the fortress to confirm that the Mill Lady is not being held on the upper floors. He finds Lord Korab, his weedy lieutenant, a pale-faced woman and several Steel Eagles celebrating in the great hall. They seem to be in good spirits. He also notes that there are no dogs here – something that is quite unusual for a mediaeval lord.
* Lord Korab (Left), Acatarina (Middle), Twistle (Right). Images sourced from Google Images
- During his scouting runs, Grant feels a ‘disturbance’ in gossamer reality, far away to the east. He wonders if this is Ethan’s doing. It probably is but he isn’t willing to risk an Icon contact. Again, he is made aware that tampering with gossamer reality in this realm is highly noticeable for those who are sensitive for such things.
- At last, he narrows his search down to a single room where there are thick blankets over the arrow slits. He decides to rest for the evening and try to break in overnight when all is quiet.

Day 11 – Fireday – 27th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- The rain continues into the evening. After midnight, Grant takes to the air again and makes his way to an opening into an old library on the upper floor. He arrives and shifts back into his normal form. This disturbs a rat that has been gnawing on one of the books, and it scuttles away.
- Grant decides to follow the rat and he almost runs into a ghostly figure that is gloomily repeating how she tripped and died here. When the ghost winks out, he shifts into rat-form and follows the other rat into the room with the heavy curtains.
- He finds himself in a bedroom which is heavily perfumed. There is a strange odour here which the perfume doesn’t completely mask and Grant spots many other rats in here. There are rats looking down at him from the ceiling. He can hear rats moving in the walls.
- The Mill Lady isn’t being held here but he is curious enough to start looking around. Unfortunately, he is interrupted when Acatarina, the pale lady who was in Lord Korab’s company comes back into the room. She looks a little dishevelled, but she has a crooked smile on her face that suggests to Grant that she’s just returned from an evening’s tryst. She stretches her limbs and goes to look in the mirror as Grant backs away in rat-form. He notes a rat scuttle up onto her dresser and begin chattering away to her. Grant has no idea what the rat is saying but he doesn’t stick around to find out. Feeling that he might have been discovered, he flees under the door and makes his way out via a different way. He evades a guard, heads to the roof and flies away in bird form.
- No alarm is raised. He waits another hour and decides to try entering the ground floor kitchen. Again, he returns as a bird, then transforms into a rat when inside. He scuttles under a door, past a room where servants are sleeping (he notes that they keep their beds against the door to keep out the Steel Eagles) and then he heads into a storeroom. A staircase leads down, deep under the water level and he reaches a wine cellar. The wine cellar was clearly designed for lots of wine, but there are few barrels left here.
- Returning to his human form, Grant explores the dungeons. He finds some of the Steel Eagles on guard duty and decides that this is a good sign. Subduing all four of them, he explores further. He finds a torture chamber and an ogre checking over the equipment, musing audibly that ‘today might be the day’ that he will finally be allowed to torture someone. Grant slays the ogre and moves on. He finds cages look like they’ve been designed to cook people and he finds the prison cells. He kills the Steel Eagle who is guarding the cell block without disturbing the prisoners, then he starts looking around to figure out a way out. There appear to be at least two prisoners so how will he do it?
- Luckily there is another way out of the dungeons, but it leads to a subterranean cavern which has been cursed. Grant has heard the legend of the Weeping Castle from Gimilkina. In that legend, one of Korab’s ancestors tricked the goblins into building it and enslaved them with an evil Black Whip. In this cavern lies the remains of hundreds of goblins who died to build the castle, and the Black Whip is lying on the surface of an evil-looking red pool. As Grant approaches, the red pool begins disgorging reanimated goblins. A few at first, then more and more.
- The goblins move slowly and are no real threat to Grant, but there are a lot of them, and the ichor seems to be corrosive. Grant is forced to withdraw, get a pair of the ogre’s tongs from his torture room and then fight his way back to the edge of the red pool to remove the Black Whip from the red pool. When the Black Whip is taken, it recognises a new master and the reanimated goblins collapse. Grant can feel that this Whip is a very evil thing – it wants to inflict pain and suffering.
- Venturing further, Grant confirms that there is a way out and he returns to free the prisoners. He frees Jack, a man who has been held by Lord Korab for poaching. He frees Salthia, a pretty servant girl who claims that she didn’t do anything wrong. Finally, he frees the Mill Lady herself. Marian is disoriented at first but quickly agrees to follow Grant.
* Marian (Left), Salthia (Middle) and Poacher Jack (Right). Images sourced from Google Images but I think the middle image (of Salthia) is by the same artist who painted Grant and Ethan for us. (Gordon Napier)
- They make their way out of the catacombs and back into the forest. They are on the other side of the Faern river. Grant spies a river boat moored nearby and decides to commandeer it. The haulflin owner, Alfrin is very surprised when Grant and the Mill Lady board his boat, but he recognises who she is and quickly agrees to take them downriver to Tyland Mills.

- GM’s note: As for what Ethan has been up to, I’ll provide more information on that shortly. I just didn’t want to spoil it for David – he’ll find out when Grant returns to Tyland Mills.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 247 is up

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Session 247 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 7) – 6th October 2021

- GM’s note: Continuing the mystery of Tyland Woods. Something bad has happened. Something bad is coming. Can Ethan and Grant figure it out and save the day?

Day 11 – Fireday – 27th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- Alfrin takes Grant (the Sheriff), Marian (the Mill Lady), Salthia and Jack downstream to Tyland Mills. Marian is impressed by Grant and when she hears that he is only filling in until a new Sheriff can be found, she asks him to reconsider. Alfrin talks to Grant on the journey – he has been looking for his uncle, Breldo who has been missing for almost two months. Breldo has a beautiful river boat called the River Rose. Apparently, Lord Korab refused to pay Breldo for the spices that he purchased, and Breldo fled. Alfrin was about to head downstream to Tyland Mills in the hope of finding his uncle and he is disappointed to hear that Grant hasn’t seen him. Jack is friendly towards Grant but says that he probably won’t stay long in Tyland Mills.
- They arrive at Tyland Mills later in the day. People come out to greet their arrival and Grant is pleased to see that his deputies, Gareth and Tellurian, have managed to recruit some local help. Lady Marian publicly thanks the new Sheriff in front of a crowd of people.
- Grant worries that Lord Korab could be sending a force to pursue them and he posts watches. He then sends his deputies to escort Marian back to her home (the fortified mill). Ethan has still not returned. Grant wonders where he is.
- Ventur (Lady Marian’s orderly) visits Grant and thanks him personally. He apologises for doubting Grant.
- That evening the mood at the Good Omen Inn is jovial. A lot of locals have gathered to hear Grant tell the story as to how he rescued the Mill Lady. Salthia makes it clear that she’s attracted to Grant but an opportunity doesn’t present itself. Grant wonders if he can find Salthia and Jack a job.

Day 12 – Swordsday – 28th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- The next morning Old Olo is busy collecting jars for the upcoming Honey Festival. Celebrated in springtime, Olo is the ‘Honey Master’ for the festival and there is much preparation to do.
- Grant consults with Tellurian about what he saw at the Weeping Castle. Tellurian suggests that the woman who talks with rats could either be a witch, or could be ‘rat-touched’. It sounds like there are wererats in this realm which could explain some of Lord Korab’s heightened avarice. Grant asks Gareth and Tellurian to perform a patrol of the nearby farms. He plans to head north, just in case Lord Korab is sending a force to Tyland Mills to recapture the Mill Lady.
- Salthia and Jack have been put up for the night in the Good Omen Inn. Grant goes to speak with Jack, catching him just as he is about to leave. Jack greets Grant with a smile but says that he can’t stay. (Grant wonders if he is one of Red’s bandits). Before he leaves, Grant asks Jack about Salthia and Jack says that he heard that she stole a quantity of jewellery from Lord Korab’s woman, Lady Acatarina. He doesn’t know if it is true or not. This puts Grant on guard.
- Grant heads north but there is no sign of pursuit from Lord Korab. About twelve miles north of Tyland Mills, Grant meets a peddler named Ranulf who was robbed the previous day. He has been stripped of all his valuables and is of need of assistance. Grant escorts him back to town.
- After a report has been filed with details of Ranulf’s assailants, Grant goes to talk with Alfrin in case he has had any luck finding his uncle. Alfrin says that his Uncle was in Tyland Mills but left weeks ago, heading downstream for Cutting Field. Grant asks Alfrin to delay his departure as Ethan will be returning shortly and he may have news of Breldo. Alfrin agrees to this – he is still selling his merchandise and he is in no hurry to leave.
* Alfrin (Left), Tam (Right). Images sourced from Google Images but I think the one on the left could be from Paizo
- In the late afternoon, Ethan returns to the village with a boy of about eleven years old, and a black cat. He takes the boy to the Sheriff’s Tower and gives him and the cat some food. Explaining that he’ll be safe in the tower, Ethan goes to find Grant.

Ethan’s Tale
- Grant has just left the jetty when he meets Ethan. Speaking quietly so that no one else can hear, Ethan explains that they have a big problem. The entire town of Cutting Field has been wiped out and the people there have been massacred.
- Ethan recounts what happened in Cutting Field. He explains that he reached the town of Cutting Field the previous Towerday (4 days prior) but he could see no sign of life – no fires, no smoke, no movement – so he decided to retreat a few miles and sleep out in the cold. The next morning, it started to rain but he went in anyway.
- The village was empty. It looked like they had come under attack. The survivors had made their last stand at the tavern. There was blood everywhere but no bodies that he could find. The place was eerily quiet except for an occasional groan from the sawmill when the sails moved slightly from the wind. Ethan explains that he took time exploring the place, hoping for a survivor – someone who had witnessed the attack. It took some time for him to locate the boy who had hidden in a cellar and not been discovered. The boy gave his name as Tam and he said it had started with a sudden fog, and then the fish-creatures had come from the river. The reason that he survived was that he slept in the kitchen of his master’s house near the fireplace and he hid in the cellar under a rug when the screams started. He thinks that all the people were dragged away. Some of them screamed a lot as they were dragged off. Tam waited until all was silent and then looked for a boat, but the fish-creatures had destroyed them all. He tried following the creatures – they were taken north – but the fog was always too thick and he returned to Cutting Field to wait for help.
- Tam has lost track of time, but all this happened weeks ago. He had been scavenging for food from the houses and gardens to survive. On some nights Tam was able to tell him that the monsters came back but he hadn’t been found. The only other survivor that Ethan could find was a hungry black tomcat.
- Sensing that this place was still dangerous, Ethan asked Tam to remain hidden while he searched. He wasn’t hopeful of finding anyone still alive but he still needed to check.
- It didn’t take Ethan long to find out where the murderous fish-men had gone. About two miles away he found a deep cavern mouth, surrounded by yellow mist. The whole place felt wrong. Ethan had been feeling uncomfortable ever since coming to this realm, but this felt really bad – like death. He conjured up a simple light source and descended into the damp earth. The fish-men were down there, and some fouler creatures. There was no reasoning with them – Ethan was the trespasser here and he slew those he met. In a cavern of black moss Ethan found the bodies of the people of Cutting Field. An entire town’s worth of people, stacked in piles, rotting away. Nearby, he found a black statue of a fish-creature with black moss growing all over it. A thin tendril of fog was coming from this statue as if it was somehow generating the yellow mist.
- Ethan left that place of death and searched further. There were many other trails of these creatures but all came from the river. Ethan was going to retreat when he ran across an old man named Digger John who had been prospecting in the area. He was aware of the murders at Cutting Field but had chosen not to get involved in such terrible matters. Ethan told him about the cave and the bodies within it. Digger John didn’t appear surprised – he suspected that the whole area is cursed. Ethan noted that Digger John seemed to have set up camp in an area surrounded by faerie stones – each of the seven stones has a fey rune carved into it which would offer a level of protection to those inside it. Ethan went to recover Tam and the black cat and decided to join the old prospector for the night.
- That evening John told Ethan many things. He had travelled widely in the region for many years and heard many strange things – most of it was baloney but sometimes the stories could be true. He showed Ethan an amulet that apparently could be used to enchant any kind of spider – or at least that was what he was told – but it doesn’t work.
- Ethan didn’t sleep that night. He half-expected the creatures to find them, but they didn’t. After a long night, Ethan returned to the cave. He had realised that there was no way to cremate or bury the bodies by himself using ordinary means. Not without taking a long time and putting Tam in further danger. So Ethan decided to use Eidolon-enhanced Sorcery. He warped reality and ‘nuked’ the cavern, cremating the bodies, destroying the black statue and the evil-looking moss in the chamber. The hillside crumpled a little and the mouth of the cave collapsed.
- Ethan offered to take both Tam and Digger John back to Tyland Mills, but Digger John assured him that he’ll be all right. Ethan headed back with Tam, and the black cat.

Day 12 – Swordsday – 28th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- His story completed, Ethan pressed Grant to know what had happened in his absence and whether there was any sign of the fishmen. Grant explained about his rescue of the Mill Lady and said that there had been no more sightings of the creatures. He also explained what he had found when looking for Brother Horace in the Old Temple and mentioned the Treant that he had met there. Ethan was pleasantly surprised by this and said that he would like to meet Oldroot.
- They decided that they could not conceal the calamity of Cutting Field, but should seek the counsel of the Mill Lady at once. Stopping to check on Tam (who had fallen asleep on Ethan’s cot), they walked to the fortified mill and asked to speak with Marian.
- Ethan was introduced and he explained what he had seen. The Mill Lady and Ventur (her orderly) listen attentively and finally she asks if there is any chance that Ethan could be mistaken. Ethan confirms that he is not and she turns her attention to Grant and asks him to do what he can. She will address the townspeople tomorrow and tell them what has happened. She also suggests that they meet again on Moonday (2 days time) to talk about what to do next, especially given that Tyland Mills has no army and they don’t know how many of these fish-creatures there are.
- Returning to the village, Grant decides to hire Salthia as a maid. He checks whether Old Olo has any objections and Olo points out that she will need a place to sleep that is not ‘among men’ (given that the Sheriff and his deputies are all sleeping in the tower). Grant agrees and decides to put her up at the Good Omen Inn until he can figure out another arrangement.

Day 13 – Saintsday – 29th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- The next morning Ethan heads to the river caverns where they first encountered the fishmen. He has a bad feeling about the place but there is no new activity there.
- Midmorning, Lady Marian addresses the villagers in the town centre. She tells them that a calamity has befallen Cutting Field and all except Tam (the boy) have been killed. (Gina is shocked) Grant then addresses them as Sheriff and reassures them successfully. The people are afraid but they do not panic.
- In the aftermath, Alfrin asks if there is any news of his uncle Breldo. Ethan says that he didn’t see any hauflin boat in Cutting Field, but he urges Alfrin not to go there. Alfrin seems intent on going downriver to find his uncle, but he requests that someone go with him in case there is trouble.
- For the remainder of the day, Grant remains visible to the people while his deputies perform patrols. Thorn approaches Grant and asks if he has any news of his missing daughter (Jinny). Grant promises that he is still looking into it and that he has sent one of his deputies to the old temple to find out what has happened to Brother Horace.
- Grant has asked Ethan to go to the old temple, talk to Oldroot and search the lower level of the temple – find Horace’s body. Ethan agrees to do this.
- Later in the day, a small fishing boat arrives. A portly lady called Karia has been fishing for eels between Tyland Mills and Cutting Field. She sells her wares and talks to Alfrin. She has not seen Breldo either.
- Ethan does not return that evening.

Day 14 – Moonday – 30th Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- Grant is surprised that the Steel Eagles haven’t come to Tyland Mills. He assumes that if they haven’t come by now that they are not coming. There are no signs of the fish-creatures nearby and he wonders what to do. The bandits are a nuisance and will continue to harass travellers unless they are dealt with, especially given that there is a major festival in Tyland Mills in 2 weeks, but the real threat is the fish-creatures and too little is known about them.
- Ethan returns in the morning. He explains that he found the old temple and met with Oldroot. They had a good conversation - Ethan likes talking to trees and it seems as though Oldroot enjoyed his company. Oldroot explained the Lord Wynterlyr (the local fey lord) is imprisoned in a well, in the ‘forbidden’ part of the forest which is much denser and wilder than the rest. Oldroot has been stuck here for a long time due to his promise to Lord Wynterlyr.
- Oldroot tells Ethan the story of Lord Wynterlyr and Lady Beethania. Lady Beethania was the wife of Lord Wynterlyr. She was a protector of healers and bees, and a merciless breaker of hearts. It is said that Lord Wynterlyr had many lovers but one cut Lady Beethania most cruelly. Lord Wynterlyr fell in love with a mortal girl, and in revenge, Beethania made an arrow from her hair and stabbed the poor girl. To save her from death, Lord Wynterlyr turned the girl into a statue – but Beethania had her revenge. She stole a ring that had been enchanted by Lord Wynterlyr’s own hands, and cursed him to remain within the well until it was returned to him. She then shattered the ring into three parts and hid them so that Lord Winterlyr would forever be trapped in the well.
- Oldroot sadly explains that he has been in this place for so long that he can no longer move. He wishes to see his brother Strongbranch and his sister Softbark.
- Ethan is moved by Oldroot’s tale and promises to try to help. Oldroot counsels Ethan to be careful. He then descends into the lower levels to hunt for Brother Horace.
- Ethan describes traps (one of which he only narrowly avoided) and also a desecrated temple which had been smeared with an evil-looking black moss, similar to what he had seen in Cutting Field. In that place he found Horace’s body. It was lying in a ritual pentagram, black candles burnt down to puddles of wax, a black dagger embedded in Horace’s heart and grave blooms scattered around. There were also two dead fish-creatures nearby – it looked like they had given their lives to touch a statue of Winterlyr in order to foul it.
- In examining the body, Horace and the corpses of the dead fish-creatures and all of those who were buried in the tombs came back to life. Ethan describes being attacked by waves of the creatures but he was not badly injured. The reanimated Horace screamed that there was no hope, and that five deaths would bring Him back. It was not clear to Ethan who or what Horace was speaking of, but clearly the temple has been deliberately corrupted and he can’t see a way to purify it without using Eidolon.
- Ethan asked Oldroot if he could describe Horace’s companion but Oldroot was unable to. Oldroot appeared to be aware of the corruption of Lord Wynterlyr’s temple but unwilling to say who or what the temple was now dedicated to. Ethan wanted to ask more about Nyrath but Oldroot seemed to have fallen asleep and would not speak further with him.
- On the way out, Ethan stopped to look at the book that Grant described which has stone pages so heavy that they could not be turned. Ethan was able to turn the pages easily using a telekinesis spell and he spent many hours reading about Lord Wynterlyr and the fey of these woods. There was mention of the making of the Ring that Lady Beethania stole from him. Ethan explains that there is a lot of history in that book but he isn’t sure how much of it is relevant to their current problems.
- With this new information, Grant decides that they should pay a visit to Marius the Black, the town healer (and drunkard) who is said to have once been a priest of Myrthala. Marius lives a little way out of town (to the south east). He has a vegetable garden and grows his own herbs (including grave blooms). It is late afternoon but Marius is still snoring away. Grant knocks on the door and finally wakes the sleeping dwarf. Marius doesn’t mind being woken but he assumes that someone has been hurt and there is an emergency of some kind. When reassured that there is not, Marius happily talks to them (although he is feeling a bit rough). Grant asks if Marius knows how to reconsecrate the old temple and Marius’ jaw drops. He explains that he knows healing but he’s not a priest (at least not anymore). Nevertheless, he agrees to help share what he knows – but it will probably require holy water (Brother Horace left a small amount in his house) or fire.
- Grant and Ethan decide to think this over. They wish that they had a priest accessible to them but there is no one in town with those skills.
- A merchant named Torius shows up in town. He has travelled from Old Oaks (to the west) with a wagon of goods. Grant suggests to Ethan that perhaps he will travel north with Torius and see if he can use Torius as bait to catch the bandits. Ethan shrugs – he is thinking that he should head to the Gorge and survey the area around it, looking for where these fish-creatures are coming from. He is worried that they have some sort of army.
- That evening Grant goes to meet with Marian, Ventur, Theod (who represents the farmsteads) and Mayor Prigg. They talk over dinner about the Sheriff’s plans and agree to them.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 248 is up

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Session 248 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 8) – 13th October 2021

- GM’s note: More developments in Tyland Woods, including dealing with Red’s bandits, curing a poisoned villager and discovering catacombs beneath Tyland Mills

Day 15 – Towerday – 31st Day of Winterwane (Spring)
- The next morning, Grant visits the Mill Lady to ask to borrow a horse. He figures that will need one if he is going to escort Torius (the merchant) north to the edge of Tyland Woods. The Mill Lady has only one horse in her stable – a sturdy coarser named ‘Brick’ – but she consents to loan him the only horse that she has.
- Grant then goes to speak with Torius at the Good Omen Inn, and he quickly agrees to the Sheriff’s protection. Torius has two wagons and four hired guards - he knows that there are bandits on the roads to the north and is prepared for trouble.
- However, Grant’s plans are quickly derailed. Before leaving for Cutting Field, Ethan has patrolled nearby and visited the nearby River Caverns. On his way back, he witnessed poor Nadia (the youngest of the three sisters who manage the Good Omen Inn) being stung by a Nyrathi bee. She was minding her own business, collecting herbs and mushrooms when the cat-sized bee attacked. Ethan couldn’t stop it stinging her – he slew the bee but Nadia had already collapsed by the time he reached her. He knows that he can cure the poison using Eidolon but isn’t sure whether he should do so. Every time he uses Eidolon, it is obvious that he is manipulating gossamer reality and it sends a strong signal for those who can detect such things. He carries her to the Good Omen Inn and arrives just as Grant is finalising his plans with Torius.
- Nadia’s sisters are shocked and upset. Grant goes to fetch Marius the Black (the resident healer). Everyone seems to know that a Nyrathi bee-sting is fatal and they are already beginning to mourn this tragedy. Marius looks sadly at Nadia and says that she is doomed. He can slow the poison but he cannot save her. When pressed, he suggests that perhaps the faeries can help – he has heard that some live in the Forbidden Wood, but faerie help will come at a cost. There are Skull Flowers that only grow in the Thistle Swamp which are said to cure such poisons but they are very rare – they only grow in the skull of a dead beast. Lastly, there is the suggestion that Vendra may be able to help. However, everyone knows that she’s an evil witch. Ethan decides that he’ll head north to seek out Vendra. Grant offers the horse that he borrowed from Lady Marian, and Ethan departs swiftly.
- About an hour later, Grant heads north with Torius in the lead wagon. In mid-afternoon, they are attacked by Red’s bandits. The bandits want to take everything and Grant takes the opportunity to shoot their negotiator and wound Red in the leg. The bandits are surprised but they quickly retaliate, killing a number of the guards. Grant leaps off the wagon and begins a running battle through the forest, picking off the bandits one by one and trying to prevent Red from escaping.
- Torius panics and drives his horses forward at the earliest opportunity. The second wagon follows. Three of Torius’ men are dead and Grant rescues the last. Grant hunts down the limping Red and the bandit trying to help him flee and promptly subdues them both. The surviving guard decides to follow Torius and hopefully catch up with the wagons, and Grant starts the long walk back to Tyland Mills, carrying the two unconscious prisoners, one slung over each shoulder.
- Grant spots some unusually large birds of prey flying overhead on his journey back. He arrives after dark and he locks Red and the other captured in the dungeon of the Sheriff’s tower. He uses his Master of the Stair ability to make sure that the door itself cannot be opened unless he wills it. He then pours himself a glass of wine and considers that it’s been quite a busy day. Gareth and Tellurian report that all has been well in his absence. Mayor Prigg has found a place for Salthia to stay.

Day 16 – Wineday – 1st Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The first day of the new month is warm and sunny. Grant lets Lady Marian know that Red is in custody, and he organises for Marius the Black to treat Red’s leg wound. The other bandit, Bart, is gloomy – he is expecting to be hung for his crimes.
- Mayor Prigg, Old Olo, Lady Marian and Grant meet in the morning to discuss the upcoming Festival of Bees which will be held in about two weeks and will attract travellers and merchants from all over the region. They were concerned about security but Grant’s capture of the bandit leader, Red, gives them hope that the festival will go ahead without incident. Grant remarks that he wants to find Red’s hideout so that the bandits can be eliminated once and for all.
- Grant decides to interrogate Bart, but he finds Bart difficult to turn. In Bart’s mind, Red is a hero and a protector of the weak. Grant learns that Red’s hideout shelters women and children as well as fighting men. Red is the leader of a community, not just a group of bandits. He decides to think further as to how to approach this.
- During his musings, Alfrin (the hauflin) comes to visit Grant and requests help in finding his uncle. Grant asks him again to wait, and says that it’s too dangerous to head downstream to Cutting Field. He explains that Ethan is away for a few days but says that he’ll ask Ethan to journey with Alfrin when he returns.
- Another barge arrives in Tyland Mills. A woodcutter called Ennith has arrived. He has also not seen Breldo (Alfrin’s uncle).
- That evening at the Good Omen Inn, Nadia’s sisters Sylvia and Irina are subdued but busy. Salthia talks with Grant for a bit – she flirts with him a little and he admits that he’s interested, but he’s distracted at the moment.

Day 17 – Thunderday – 2nd Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Grant busies himself with Brother Horace’s and the old Sheriff Gideon’s diaries, looking for clues. News arrives that a Nyrathi Hive has been found about two miles away – it’s probably where the bee came from that stung poor Nadia. The townsfolk begin hauling wood to the nearby location as they want to smoke out the hive and then raid it of both honey and wax.
- Checking on both Bart and Red, Grant finds Red in a very chatty mood. He seems to be taking his captivity very well, as if it is just a temporary annoyance. Red tells him that when he heard that his sister had been captured by Lord Korab, he did try to rescue her – but Grant got there first. Red appears annoyed that his sister hasn’t come to see him. From Red’s point of view, he’s been treated very poorly. When their father died, she got the castle, the title and everything else that went with it. He got nothing, and he’s been doing his best to survive (and annoy his sister a little – he admits that this is fun). He admits that many of his men go too far – they kill travellers as well as just robbing them – but he makes no apology for their conduct.
* Image sourced from Google Images
- Grant wonders what to do with Red.
- That afternoon he realises that Digger John, the old prospector whom Ethan met in Cutting Field, has come to Tyland Mills. Grant seeks him out to ask what else he knows about Cuting Field. Digger John tells him that he told Ethan that he would stay, but after Ethan left, he got a bad feeling that this wasn’t a healthy place to be and he decided to leave.

Day 18 – Fireday – 3rd Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next day it pours with rain, forcing the villagers to delay their plan to smoke out the bees. Grant, Gareth and Tellurian perform their regular patrol of the nearby areas. Grant spots a scroll tube in a muddy puddle, right in the heart of Tyland Mill, as if it has been dropped from the sky. Inside, there is a message that sounds like it has been written by a child or lunatic:

”You puny individual!

Bow in front of our might, and submit your will to your new Master (Us), or be prepared to face despair, pain, and, in the end, death!

To show Us your goodwill and submission, tomorrow morning leave a tribute in the place where you found this letter: a sheep (or equivalent), a bag full of valuables (be generous if you don’t want to experience the Fires of Death) or two sacks of food (tasty stuff).

Be ready to pay tribute twice a month from now on.

Your new Master, the mighty Lord of the Skies”

- Grant groans at this new annoyance and goes to check on the prisoners. To his astonishment, Red is not in his cell and the door is still secured. This means that either Red is still in his cell, or he has found another way out.
- Grant quickly ascertains that Red is not in his cell. There is a secret door out of the cell that Red was locked in, which leads to an old Tower Warden chamber. Red has clearly blundered around in the total darkness, tripping over beds and walking into things, trying to find a way out. A wardrobe has been pulled away from the wall and there is another hidden door and stairs leading down.
- Frustrated and annoyed, Grant tells the others that Red has escaped and goes after him. Using his darksight (a minor use of Umbra which doesn’t seem to be disrupt Gossamer reality), he heads down into a series of catacombs that exists below the township itself. Grant has a very bad feeling about this place – the architecture and feel of the place reminds him of the River Caverns.
- Red hasn’t gone far – he managed to open one door of stone and then find a way back to the surface, emerging from a hole about two hundred metres from the Sheriff’s Tower quite close to the Dusker River. Red is a skilled woodsman but he is also injured. Grant goes after him in the pouring rain.
- Despite Red’s headstart, Grant manages to catch up with him about ten miles away in the late afternoon. Red had been resting (his leg is in a great deal of pain) and is greatly disappointed when the Sheriff finds him. Grant helps Red back to town and back to a cell but it is well after dark when he arrives.
- In Grant’s absence, three members of the Steel Eagles have arrived and are waiting at the Good Omen Inn to talk to the Sheriff. Also, Ethan has arrived back with a cure for the Nyrathi Bee poison and it has been administered to poor Nadia. She has not recovered consciousness but both Sylvia and Irina seem greatly relieved that she will live. Tired and drenched from his long journey, the innkeepers make sure that Ethan is well looked after.
- Grant decides to delay dealing with the Steel Eagles as they aren’t causing any immediate problems. He checks on Nadia and then tells Ethan privately that he’s captured Red but also discovered catacombs beneath Tyland Mills. He doesn’t know how extensive they are but he fears the worst.
- Ethan then explains how he journeyed north and found Vendra’s treehouse. She’s an old sorceress but he doesn’t think she’s an evil witch at all. She recognised Ethan as a Lord of Gossamer and was happy to help provide a cure for Nadia. Apparently there is another Lord of Gossamer here – Jacob – whom they both know (GM’s note – Ethan first met Jacob back in Session 28!). According to Vendra, he is friends with the dwarves of the Hexenhoof Mines but she doesn't know what happened to him when the ore supposedly ran out. She also doesn't know anything about the fish-men or what happened at Cutting Field, but she is concerned about these developments. Ethan mentioned that one of her apprentices, a wizard called Tennelgast, has recently stolen a relic from her called “The Blue Book of the Skies” which can be used to enslave birds of prey. She asked for help to get it back and bring her apprentice to her alive. Grant comments upon the scroll tube that seemingly ‘fell from the sky’ only that morning. Ethan apologises for not spending more time asking Vendra questions but he was in a hurry to get back with the cure.
* Image on the left is of Vendra (actress Maggie Smith) and on the right is of Jacob (image by Nicolas Kole on DeviantArt)
- Grant says that he intends to search the underground catacombs and find out how extensive they are and whether they link up to the River Caverns. He plans to ask Gareth and Tellurian to set an ambush for the Tennelgast’s ‘tribute collectors’ and he asks Ethan to go with Alfrin to find his missing Uncle. Ethan agrees but says that he needs a good night’s sleep. He still wants to head to Cutting Field but he’s prepared to help Alfrin first.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 249 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Sun Oct 24, 2021 5:36 am

Session 249 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 9) – 20th October 2021

- GM’s note: Some sessions cover many days and some sessions focus on just one day. This is one of those sessions where there was a lot of exploration and action in one place.

Day 19 – Swordsday – 4th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next day it continues raining heavily, further delaying the villagers’ plans to smoke out the bees. Ethan leaves with Alfrin early in the morning and they begin heading downriver towards Cutting Field to search for Alfrin’s missing kinsman.
- Back in the Sheriff’s Tower, Salthia makes breakfast for Grant and his deputies. Tellurian outlines their plan to deal with Tennelgast’s tribute collectors – he expects that they will come from the sky so they’re going to try to capture them when they attempt to collect the tribute (a poor sheep that has been loaned). Grant is curious to see if this plan will be successful – he wishes them ‘good hunting’ and heads to the Good Omen Inn to see if the three Steel Eagles still want to meet with him.
- The Steel Eagles are having breakfast. The sergeant, Parth, is a veteran of the Necromancer Wars. The other two, Pyke and Rein, are younger than Parth but both look like experienced sellswords.
* Image sourced from Google Images. From Left to Right, Parth, Pyke, Rein
- Parth attempts to gauge Grant and asks him about whether there might be work for the three of them. They’ve heard about Cutting Field from the locals and figure that Tyland Mills might need some good soldiers. Grant is surprised by this but is willing to consider it – these three seem willing to leave the Steel Eagles and work directly for the Mill Lady. He agrees to talk to Marian about it.
- Grant then heads to the fortified Mill to talk to Marian. It is now pouring with rain. He returns the horse (“Brick”) and talks to her about Red. He recounts what Red told him – that he had tried to rescue her. He also tells her that Red is now the leader of a community, not just a group of bandits. Marian listens to this and confesses that she finds dealing with Red very problematic. Red is her half-brother, but he resents that their father left his lands and titles to Marian, and nothing to Red. The bandits are criminals and should be hanged, and Red has chosen to be a bandit. She agrees to Grant’s request to visit Red, but she admits this will be difficult for her.
- (GM’s note - At this point, we performed a flashback. Grant has High Ranked Warfare and he would reasonably know about the military assets across Tyland Woods based on polite inquiries with Ventur, Prigg, Theod and so forth. There is no way that he would not have had these conversations and built up an understanding of the military forces in Tyland Woods.) As such, Grant knows that there roughly 100-120 Steel Eagles – roughly a third are based at the Weeping Castle, a third at Stone Bridge, and the other third are mobile. Red is supposed to have 30-40 bandits. Grant doesn’t know exactly where Red’s lair is but he does know that it is by a river. The dwarves at the Hexenhoof Mines supposedly left many years ago when the ore ran out – not much is known about them. It is possible that there are some of them still at the Hexenhoof Mines. There are also three treemen in the area – Grant has met Oldroot in the old temple to the west of Tyland Mills. There are some giant hawks to the mountains in the south but they seem to be under the control of a wizard called Tennelgast. Vendra is said to be the most powerful sorcerer in Tyland Woods, and from what Ethan says, she appears to be friendly but she is also suffering from a malady which makes it difficult for her to leave her home. Then there is Jacob, a fellow Warden of the Stair spent time with the dwarves many years ago – he may still be here. As for the fey, such as Lord Wynterlyr, Grant has his doubts. Grant doesn’t know how many fishmen there are, or what is left of the Nyrathi people but so far there seem to be enough of them to wipe out Cutting Field so he assumes there are hundreds of them. He also doesn’t know how many goblins there are in the area – they don’t seem overtly hostile but they certainly aren’t afraid of the villagers either.
- The conversation with Marian then turns to the catacombs beneath Tyland Mills. Grant believes that the fishmen have been here, lurking, for some time. He knows there is something going on given the ritual sacrifices that have occurred (he’s already found the bodies of Brother Horace and the former Sheriff, Thaddeus Tystamere) and wonders if there could be anything in the histories of Tyland Woods that might help him.
- Marian shares what she knows about her ancestor, Tyland Redmantle and refers him to an old book of children’s stories which tells the story (with pictures). He sits down to read the book and is horrified by what he reads. The legend of Tyland Redmantle begins with the disappearance of Sir Baros who came to these lands in search of adventure. When Baros did not return, his friend Tyland went to investigate.
* Image sourced from Google Images.
- The story goes that Baros had fallen under the sway of the Nyrathi and turned to darkness. The Nyrathi themselves were a dark and twisted people who had fallen under the sway of a mighty ‘dragon’ that had fallen from the stars. The picture in the book looks like nothing like any dragon that Grant has ever seen. The creature described is some sort of gigantic aquatic caterpillar with a horrible eel-like head surrounded by a crown of tentacles. In its terrible head are five great, green eyes. In some of the pictures, the fishmen are also shown but they are never described in the text itself.
- Reading on, Grant reads the children’s tale as to how Tyland performed many great deeds in the area. There is a fleeting remark to an encounter between Sir Tyland and Sir Baros which left the hero at a loss as he could not imagine what wonders of the Nyrathi would make Sir Baros turn away from him. But it is only a brief note in the tale.
- Ultimately, the tale tells the story as to how Tyland fought and slew the mighty ‘Wyrm of the Lake’, but Tyland was wounded and his white mantle became red from the blood. He leaned on a tree near the Dusker River to rest and that is the place where Kora, the daughter of the local miller, found him. The young girl tended his wounds with compresses of chestnut leaves and fey incantations and Tyland recovered. In the end the two fell in love and lived ‘happily ever after’.
- Reading this story, Grant quickly concludes that the ‘Wyrm of the Lake’ isn’t dead. Tyland probably wounded it, but it isn’t dead. He assumes that it has been sleeping and the fishmen are trying to wake it up again. Marian listens to this and is alarmed by the possibility.
- With renewed purpose, Grant returns to the Good Omen Inn and decides to hire Sergeant Parth and the others. He tells them to report to Gareth and Tellurian and help capture the tribute collectors, and then he returns to the Sheriff’s Tower and the lower level dungeons. Red and Bart are still there – neither has escaped. Red makes a quip about the breakfast being ‘lovely’ and Grant mentions that he’s spoken to Lady Marian and Red should expect a visit. That shuts Red up.
- Opening the door to the cell which leads to the underground, Grant catches the unmistakeable smell of fish. The fishmen have been here, scouting around. It was lucky that he Warden-locked the cell door. They would not have been able to open it via normal means.
- With this, Grant heads into the catacombs and begins exploring. There are many rooms that have sustained damage from earthquakes over the years, and the ceilings appear unstable. At one point, simply opening one of the stone doors triggers a rockfall. He notes that the stonework here is the same as that in the river caverns and he suspects that the two are connected. He also wonders if the Nyrathi had a presence above ground during Tyland Redmantle’s time. Perhaps there was a township or other structures here. He wonders if the ruins of the fabled city of Nyrath could be here, centred around Tyland Mills.
- The catacombs beneath Tyland Mills are quite extensive. He finds chambers which look abandoned, chambers which have embalmed fishmen (which suggests that they venerate their dead) and he finds a dead human (presumably Nyrathi) priest who died during one of the earth tremors. He kills an ancient snake whose scales glitter like gold but it only seems to be guarding an old storeroom. The wooden door to the storeroom has been added recently but he can’t tell whether the snake was there to guard the storeroom or prevent intruders going deeper.
- He also encounters two large group of fishmen in the catacombs. Clearly, they have been here for a while and are working steadily on clearing passageways of fallen debris. Grant guesses that they are trying to reconnect the catacombs under Tyland Mills with the river caverns which are not far away. At last Grant decides to ambush them and there are a number of terrible battles in the darkness – the fishmen (Lurkers) respond, attacking in waves but they are no match for an angry Lord of Gossamer. Grant cuts them down – their soldiers, their priests, and their Vaarathi lizard ‘hounds’. He takes only one fishman prisoner whom he subdues and imprisons in the Sheriff Tower. Red can’t believe his eyes when Grant shows him the fishman and tells him that these creatures were responsible for the destruction of Cutting Field.
- Returning to the catacombs and exploring deeper, Grant avoids traps and finds evidence that these fishmen once worshipped a ‘Many Frogs’ deity. There is evidence that the current regime does not approve of this as the older temple and artefacts have been desecrated. He also finds a library that appears to have been hastily plundered but there is still a lot of old scrolls and tablets here. He moves on but makes a mental note to tell Tellurian about this.
- In an ancient storeroom, Grant meets a half-crazed goblin, Zod, who claims that he is the world’s only ‘Gampire’ (a goblin vampire). Grant plays along with Zod’s delusion and persuades the little fellow to show him what he knows of the catacombs. Zod seems happy to have a companion who believes his story that being bitten by a vampire bat has turned him into a ‘gampire’ and tells Grant all he knows. They explore places that the fishmen do not regularly go and in a larger cavern which has a staircase leading up, Grant finds a backpack with clothes and a few keepsakes in it. Grant knows that this belongs to Jinny, Thorn’s missing fourteen-year-old daughter.
* Image sourced from Google Images but I think this might be from MTG (Wizards of the Coast). Anyway, this is Zod.
- Searching further, Grant goes up the stairs and finds what appears to be a cellar which lies beneath a house with wooden floorboards. In the cellar is a space that has been cleared of boxes. In this space lies the body of poor Jinny. She lies in the centre of a pentagram, ritually slain with a dagger through her chest. There are black candles at the points of the star and grave blooms scattered nearby. The body is heavily decayed. This confirms Grant’s worst fears – he didn’t expect to find her alive.
- There is a trapdoor above. Grant pushes on it and lifts the carpet and the table on top of it out of the way. Opening it, he finds himself in Marius’ house. Marius is gobsmacked. He was outside tending his vegetable garden in the rain when he heard noises inside his house and rushed inside.
- Grant assumes that Marius must know of the cellar, and he demands the truth from him. Marius claims to have no knowledge of the cellar – he acquired the place from Old Olo’s cousin when he died a few years ago. However, when confronted with poor Jinny’s death, Marius breaks down tearfully. He confesses that Jinny had been planning to leave Tyland Mills and had been coming to Marius for advice. One evening she was determined to leave and Marius believed that he had persuaded her to at least explain to her father before departing. He had assumed all along that she had simply reconsidered and left without telling her father. After Jinny left, he helped himself to booze (as usual) and didn’t hear a thing. He can’t believe that she’s dead and that she was murdered beneath his floorboards.
- Zod asks to come up to understand what is going on and Grant calls down to him, telling him there is too much light above for a ‘gampire’. He says that he’ll explain soon.
- Grant thinks quickly. He believes Marius to be telling the truth, but no one will ever believe that Marius has nothing to do with Jinny’s murder if Jinny’s body is found in his cellar.

And that’s where we left Session 249…. out of interest ….

- Ethan and Alfrin head downstream to Aunt Millie’s shack. She’s about a mile inland from the river but Alfrin knows that his Uncle Breldo often visited her. They moor the riverboat and then head to her little cottage. Aunt Millie is an old, blind woman who lives alone, except for a tame wolf that gives them a wide berth. Millie likes conversation and is happy to chat. She hasn’t seen Breldo in many weeks but is pleased to have company and they share tea. She doesn’t get many visitors. She does mention that the three sisters from the Good Omen Inn (Sylvia, Irina and Nadia) visited her about six months ago. She offers them some apples from her orchard for the journey and asks them to stop by again.
- Heading further downstream, they moor the riverboat by a bridge that crosses the Dusker for the night. Ethan asks Alfrin about his Uncle Breldo and the young haulfin tells him many stories of his Uncle’s adventures and what kind of haulfin he is. Alfrin asks Ethan about his family and Ethan tells him about his daughter, Hilda, and about Isabelle. He shows her the necklace that Isabelle made for him. Alfrin seems surprised that he would choose to be so far away from his family. Ethan explains simply that he’ll see them in a few months.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 250 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Mon Nov 08, 2021 8:12 pm

Session 250 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 10) – 27th October 2021

- GM’s note: Continuing on their adventures in Tyland Woods.

Day 19 – Swordsday – 4th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Grant decides to leave Jinny’s body where it is. He conceals and Warden-locks the trapdoor to Marius’ house and retraces his steps through the catacombs beneath Tyland Mills. He says goodbye to Zod, the goblin ‘vampire’ and returns to the smell of what he assumes to be roast chicken.
- In the Sheriff’s Tower, the five deputies are making merry. Salthia and Gareth are working together to cook what looks like a gigantic chicken. They are pleased to see Grant. Sergeant Parth (ex Steel Eagle) says that he had no idea that the Sheriff had employed a wizard.
- What follows is an account of how two giant hawks arrived in the rain to claim the sheep that had been left out as tribute. Gareth winged one of them with an arrow, and then Tellurian brought it down with a magical bolt. The other hawk then went berserk and tried to attack Tellurian. While the Steel Eagles stood stunned, Gareth calmly shot the second hawk. This time the arrow forced the hawk to ground and it tried to hop away. Tellurian knocked it out with a second magical blast.
- Hence they killed one hawk (which is now being cooked for dinner) and the other was quickly trapped in a net.
- Grant has a look at the surviving hawk. It glares at him.
- Grant praises his team and chooses to overlook that the Steel Eagles have helped themselves to two bottles of wine from the Sheriff’s study. He joins in and helps to eat the bird. He notices Pyke and Rein showing interest in Salthia and remembers that they probably know her from the Weeping Castle.
- That evening Ventur comes to pay a visit. Despite the rain, he was determined to give the Sheriff the reward money for capturing Red, the bandit leader. Grant takes the money and thanks Ventur. He decides to split it up between himself, Ethan, Gareth and Tellurian who were ‘on the payroll’ when Red was apprehended. He hands out the money when the Steel Eagles have departed for the night and returned to the Good Omen Inn.
- Gareth and Tellurian finally head to bed and Grant helps Salthia clean up. She admits that she expects to have some problems with Grant’s new deputies as the Steel Eagles. Grant promises to make sure that she is safe. She kisses him goodnight and heads home.

Day 20 - Saintsday – 5th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next day, Ethan and Alfrin head further downstream along the Dusker River in search of Breldo and the missing riverboat, the River Rose. It’s very peaceful on the river, and just before lunchtime they spot a side channel that Alfrin doesn’t remember seeing before. It looks recently made and it looks big enough for a river boat. The side channel heads into the swamp.
- Mooring the boat, Ethan and Alfrin head overland to follow the narrow watercourse. It is not long, and they find the River Rose, listing to one side. It looks as though something has dragged it here. There is no sign of life. Alfrin wants to investigate at once but Ethan insists on caution – whatever brought the boat here is likely very strong and possibly very large.
- Ethan scouts around and finds a peculiar spider that is about the size of a small dog that seems keen to ‘talk to him’. Ethan has encountered many strange creatures in his travels, but he doesn’t remember ever meeting a talking spider before. The creature says that its name is Tsik and it claims to have information which could help them. Ethan indulges this but Tsik quickly betrays them by walking them straight into a group of six armed goblins. However, they don’t stand a chance against a Lord of Gossamer. Ethan slays all of them and Tsik runs for its life.
- Again, Alfrin wants to board the ship and this time he refuses to be dissuaded. Ethan decides to use a mild Sleep spell on Alfrin to calm him down and give him a chance to investigate first. However, even a mild Sleep spell knocks Alfrin out cold – Alfrin seems to have a glass jaw for these things.
- Ethan is very cautious approaching the boat – he can sense a presence nearby and it is aware of him. He finds a skull talisman on a stake which has been driven into the soft mud. Ethan knows that it has been placed here by Lurkers – he saw a similar one in Cutting Field. He dispels the charm placed on it and climbs aboard. Below decks, he finds Uncle Breldo, or what is left of him – but there is a creature puppeteering him. The riverboat is sitting on a huge, jet-black octopus which has buried itself in the mud, and has used the whole boat as a lure.
* Image sourced from Google Images
- What follows is a very brief fight. Despite its immense size, Ethan quickly slays it, driving his blade repeatedly through the hull of the boat into its body. The abomination flails briefly but is then silent. With Alfrin still sound-asleep, Ethan takes the River Rose’s mooring rope and drags the entire boat off the carcass to get a better look at it. The thing looks evil, even in death. Its half-slitted eyes still look like it is only sleeping, but Ethan is pretty sure that it is not coming back.
- Ethan does some hasty repairs to the boat, Alfrin recovers and the two of them head back towards Tyland Mills with the damaged River Rose in tow. Alfrin is saddened by the death of his Uncle but at least pleased to know what happened to him. He had no idea that monsters such as this giant octopus could be found in the river.
- Meanwhile, back in Tyland Mills, Grant goes to see ‘Sprinkle’ Prigg at the general store and tells him that he’s found Jinny’s body. She’s dead. Grant asks for advice about how to tell her father, and the two of them go to see Thorn Fellowthongs at his smithy. Thorn at first is pleased to hear that Grant has found Jinny, but then devastated to hear that she is dead. Grant shows him her backpack as evidence.
- Suddenly Thorn demands to be taken to her. He picks up an axe and insists that Grant lead the way. Hence, they return to the catacombs beneath Tyland Mills. In the tunnels, they run into a group of Lurkers and there is a fierce battle. At last, they reach Jinny’s body. Thorn is so distressed that he doesn’t even realise that there is a trapdoor above, and hence he remains unaware that this is Marius’ cellar. Between them, they carry Jinny’s body out of the catacombs. Thorn thanks Grant for his help and Grant presses upon him that there are more Lurkers than the ones that they have just killed. He needs Thorn to make weapons and armour. Thorn tearfully agrees.
- Leaving Thorn with the body of his daughter, Grant visits the Mill Lady (Marian) and tells her what has happened. He urges her to speak with Red and reach some sort of agreement with him. When he returns, he finds one of the local farmers, a man named Mirdano, is demanding action for the theft of four of his cattle. Red’s bandits are to blame.
- Grant decides that this is an opportunity to find out Red’s hideout – four cattle should be easy to track, especially given that it has been raining for days. He assigns Gareth, Pyke and Red to track the bandits and report back. They head off. He then takes Tellurian and Parth back into the catacombs to the room where a number of stone tablets and parchments were found. He asks Tellurian to find out what he can and leaves Parth on guard.
- Needing to stretch his legs, Grant goes on patrol and meets a very unhappy Theod. The old farmer shows Grant the scroll that has been delivered to his stead – the Lord of the Skies is demanding tribute. Grant promises to be at Theod’s stead the next morning to deal with the threat.
- Returning to the Sheriff’s Tower, Grant finds that Tellurian has found a lot from the fragments that were left behind. Tellurian found a text fragment that reads “… and when the three Servants will be reborn, this is the time when the Crawler will return. Five deaths are necessary, at the points of His star, in the very place where the evil knight wounded Him….” Grant doesn’t know what to make of the three Servants but figures that he hasn’t seen them yet. He also looks at a map of the area and wonders what is at the south-western point of the star – to his knowledge there is no structure there.
- Parth and Tellurian return to the library to search further, leaving Grant in the Tower with Salthia. She has cooked dinner for four, but two are in the catacombs and won’t be back until late. Salthia and Grant talk for awhile – Salthia tells Grant a bit about her background – she grew up in one of the local steads near the Weeping Castle, but she went to work at the castle rather than work in the farms because it paid better. She wasn’t treated very well at the Castle though when the Steel Eagles arrived. Grant gets the impression that she has been abused, but also that she’s tougher than she looks.
- Grant stays up to wait for the others’ return. He checks the cells – Red is still there and the captured Lurker is refusing food and water. The creature just stares into space and appears oblivious to him. Grant asks Red if Marian came to see him and Red shakes his head.
- On the Dusker River, Alfrin moors the two boats on the side of the river near the old bridge. Again, Alfrin shows curiosity about Ethan’s travels and they talk some more while fishing off the side of the boat.

Day 21 - Moonday – 6th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Before dawn, Grant is up and heading towards Theod’s stead on the back of Marian’s horse ‘Brick’. He has a brief run in with a group of four goblins who have set up camp only a few miles from Tyland Mills, but they don’t appear to be threatening so he leaves them be. Arriving at the stead before dawn, he is met by Theod’s family and he quickly organises an ambush.
- A single giant hawk arrives about an hour after dawn. It swoops down to collect a sack of ‘tribute’, and then Grant wings it with an arrow. The hawk hits the ground hard and then starts hopping as fast as it can. Grant chases after it with a net and pins it down. The hawk is quickly trussed up and captured. Grant borrows a cart and horse to take the hawk back to town.
- Late that day, Grant arrives back at Tyland Mills only to find Thom and Gina Rishavel waiting for him. Tam, the boy that Ethan rescued from Cutting Field and had been staying with them, has been taken by a giant hawk. A message from the Lord of the Skies was left, demanding obedience and promising to make an example of the boy. Grant groans and promises to deal with it.
- He heads tiredly back to the Tower. It has been raining on and off for days and he’s tired. He knows that he needs to head south to the Tower where the hawks have made their home but that is two days ride away. He finds that Parth and Tellurian have gone to the Good Omen Inn for a drink, but Salthia is waiting for him. There is still some food on the stove for him.
- They talk for awhile and Salthia again displays that she is interested in him. Grant asks if she’d like to stay the night and she agrees. Fade to black.
- Meanwhile, Alfrin and Ethan have been making slow progress returning to Tyland Mills with two river boats. The River Rose is in poor condition but Alfrin is unwilling to leave it behind. Ethan wonders what this trip has cost them in terms of time – he wonders if the Lurkers have been regrouping and where they might strike next. He also wonders if the demon octopus that he killed was the only one that they have at their disposal.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 251 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Tue Nov 09, 2021 5:39 am

Session 251 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 11) – 3rd November 2021

- GM’s note: This session covers a number of days as Grant heads to the Tower of the Hawks and Ethan covers for his absence. We are very close to the next full moon, and the next sacrifice. However, the PCs don’t know yet who that sacrifice will be.

Day 22 - Towerday – 7th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next morning is cold but still the rain keeps coming. Grant rises early and departs, heading south. Just after midday, he leaves the road and heads through the forest in the direction of the mountains and the known path that leads to the Tower of the Hawks. Late in the day, ‘Brick’ is tired and needs to rest. He finds a small shrine that seems to have sunken into the hillside and goes to investigate. There he finds a small domed temple dedicated to Lady Beethania, the wife of Lord Wynterlyr, and the one who has supposedly trapped her husband in a well which lies deep in the forest. Grant recognises her when he sees her statue. He’s met her before in the Courts of the Shadow Fey. (GM’s note – This adventure will be run. We will come back to it. We just haven’t run it yet. I gave David a choice as to whether Beethania had a connection to Grant or to Ethan and he chose Ethan) Beethania was one of the faeries who was trying to persuade Ethan to remove Isabelle’s amulet.
- At the feet of the statue lies a piece of metal – a third of a metal ring. Grant remembers seeing a stone statue holding the completed ring in the river caverns. He remembers what Oldroot said, that Lord Wynterlyr could be freed if the three pieces of the ring were reunited and it was returned to him. Grant thinks on this – no one has been here in a long time – and he decides to leave it be.

Day 23 - Wineday – 7th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- At first light Grant heads further into the mountains, hoping that he will be in time to rescue Tam. It is cold and overcast but at least it is no longer raining. Just before he departs, he offers a prayer to Lady Beethania, asking for protection for the town against the Lurkers. He leaves a flawless gemstone at her feet in return.
- ‘Brick’ isn’t used to long journeys and the horse tires quickly as they continue to climb. The view over Tyland Woods is impressive and the distant Tower draws closer as the day wears on. Grant keeps his eyes out for large birds, figuring that the Lord of the Skies will probably have giant hawks looking for intruders. In the afternoon, he spots one but to his surprise, the great grey hawk lands nearby and knocks its beak against a rock, tapping out a basic message. The grey hawk wants to communicate with him.
- They can’t converse normally, but the hawk clearly understands what Grant says and can tap out yes/no answers to questions. Slowly, Grant gets more information about what lies ahead. ‘Grey Feather’ claims to be the lord of the hawks but things changed when a wizard arrived. The wizard is a danger to both the hawks and the people of Tyland Woods. Not only can the wizard control the hawks, but he is also merging the ‘people with two legs’ and the ‘birds with two wings’ into a new type of human-hawk hybrid. ‘Grey Feather’ is the only one who has been able to avoid being controlled by the wizard.
- At last Grant reaches the Tower, and he decides upon a direct approach. Shapeshifting into a small bird (something he can only manage for minutes at a time without disturbing Gossamer Reality), he flies around the tower, looking at the upper level where he has been told that the wizard resides. Catching a glimpse of him in his blue robes in what appears to be the early stages of a ritual, Grant charges through the arrow slit and returns to his normal size. Grant flattens the surprised blue wizard, who promptly hisses at him in a most inhuman way, and Grant knocks him out. Tennelgast’s two hawk-hybrid apprentices move to defend their master but Grant deals with them very quickly.
- He has arrived in the blue wizard’s laboratory and Tam is cooped up in a small cage. In another cage there is a healthy-looking giant hawk. It looks like Tennelgast was just about to start a ritual to merge them.
- Grant frees Tam and goes to look for other prisoners. What follows is a battle up and down the tower where hawk-hybrids attack viciously but are quickly subdued by Grant. When the Tower is secured, Grant finds lots of odd things. There are catnip plants at the windows. There is a chained-up goat for producing milk. Tennelgast has a huge throne with a comfortable cushion. In a golden goblet there is … fresh milk. Grant wonders if this wizard is some sort of cat-hybrid, or cat-touched or just a shapechanged cat.
- Finding the Book of the Skies, Grant uses some minor magic to break the enchantments in play (a very low-key use of Umbra) and then realises that he will need Vendra (Tennelgast’s master) to undo the spells that have created these hybrids. He has also rescued a handful of prisoners, some of whom are in very poor condition.
- What follows is that Grant negotiates with Grey Feather to take Tam back to Tyland Mills and inform Ethan what is going on – that the hawks are now their friends are not to be fired upon. Grant then instructs two of the hawkmen to take the Book of the Skies back to Vendra and ask for her help. Grant will head back to Tyland Mills with Tennelgast to ensure that he cannot reassert control over the Hawks.

Day 24 - Thunderday – 9th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next morning, Grant forces Tennelgast to drink a sleeping draught that he has prepared, and then he heads back along the road that brought him to the Tower of the Hawks. The sun finally breaks through the clouds and it is a fraction warmer, but it is still chilly in the mountains.
- Grant reaches the shrine to Beethania but does not take the ring fragment. Late in the day, he attempts to talk to Tennelgast but finds the wizard both rude and arrogant. Despite the horse being very tired, Grant presses on to reach Tyland Mill, arriving well after dark.
- To his surprise he finds that there are many horses at the Good Omen Inn and a few new merchants in town. He finds Sergeant Parth standing guard outside the Sheriff’s Tower. Parth is pleased to see Grant but says that there is no space for the captured wizard – the tower is full of prisoners. Grant asks what has happened, and Parth defers to Ethan to explain.

Ethan’s Story - Day 22 - Towerday – 7th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Ethan pours Grant a drink and they sit down to go over what has happened. Ethan explains that he arrived back in Tyland Mills two days ago and found that he had just missed Grant. Mayor Prigg filled him in, including that Grant had hired three new deputies and that Thorn’s poor daughter had been found in the catacombs. Ethan was quite concerned about there being tunnels beneath Tyland Mills and he wanted to investigate, but the cell door was Warden-locked and Ethan figured that Grant must have had a reason for that, so he didn’t go further. Instead, he met Parth, looked over the river caverns again and went on some basic patrols. Nadia seemed to have recovered from her poisoning and her sisters offered Ethan a free meal to thank him. Ethan went to visit Thorn and pay his condolences. Thorn gruffly accepted and explained that he was waiting for the rain to end so that he could burn Jinny’s body.
- Ethan mentions that a merchant named Saena arrived with two wagons, and a messenger named Squire Ventor arrived and left.
- At this point in the retelling, Grant asked as to whether Marian had met with Red. After a pause, Ethan said that she had but the meeting had not gone well.

Ethan’s Story - Day 23 - Wineday – 7th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The rain finally stopped so Thorn started work on a funeral pyre. There had been no word from Gareth, Rein or Pyke but Ethan wasn’t about to start chasing after them and leaving the town undefended. So he kept Parth and Tellurian on duty in the village itself while he went on patrol.
- Ethan explains that he’d heard that the Steel Eagles sometimes acted little better than bandits, and one of the children came running into town saying that their farm was under attack. Ethan told Parth and Tellurian to hold the bridge into Tyland Mill and he charged out. The farmstead itself was only two miles away and when he arrived, the ten Steel Eagles were busy pillaging and looting everything that they could take with them.
- Ethan didn’t have a bow with him – Grant had taken that – so he simply moved to ‘arrest them’. The Steel Eagles didn’t want to surrender to one lone deputy, so Ethan ended up killing two of them and capturing eight of them – and six horses. It took him a long time to get all of the prisoners back to Tyland Mill and even then, there wasn’t enough space in the dungeon. He had to convert the first floor into a holding cell. Parth was quite surprised – he apparently hadn’t thought much of Ethan when they had first met.
- Ethan only joined the Jinny’s funeral after the pyre had been burning for many hours. He didn’t hear what Lady Marian or any of the others had said at her funeral. He said a few words to Thorn, and stayed with him awhile, and then got back to work.
- It was late in the afternoon that the hawk carrying Tam arrived in the village and Ethan received Grant’s message.

Ethan’s Story - Day 24 - Thunderday – 9th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- On Thunderday the town started working to smoke out the Nyrathi Bees. They had already brought a lot of lumber to the area, covered it up and now it was time to use it.
- Ethan missed pretty much all of that as Parth and Tellurian were keen to be involved, and this left Ethan in charge of the Tower on his own. It was during this time that Squire Ventor returned without his horse, or his precious message. He’d been robbed by Red’s bandits the previous day and had to walk back to Tyland Mills. He was not very happy at all and demanded action.
- In addition, Lady Marian tried again to meet with Red again to try to reach some sort of arrangement. This meant that she was in the Sheriff’s Tower when the bandits decided to take advantage of the fact that most of the township were busy smoking out Nyrathi Bees – and they took this moment to try to free Red.
- Ethan explains that about a dozen of them turned up and tried to persuade him to release Red. They seemed to have no knowledge of him, except that he was in the Sheriff’s employ. Ethan says simply that he captured most of them – a few fled and he didn’t feel like chasing after them given the number of prisoners already in the tower. Ethan chuckles when he tells Grant of Red’s reaction and Marian’s reaction. Neither one of them expected one man to be able to do that.
- All in all, Ethan explains that there are eight Steel Eagles and now eight of Red’s bandits (including Red) in the Tower. It’s become quite crowded.
- Ethan pours Grant another drink and says that he doesn’t know what to do with the prisoners. Feeding them is costly.

Day 24 - Thunderday – 9th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Back together, Grant tells Ethan about his adventures. He mentions the statue of Beethania and Ethan notes that he saw a similar statue in the old temple to the west. He expects that he will be a target of the fey for the foreseeable future, ever since they went to the Courts. (GM’s note – more on that will be revealed at a later date) Grant tells Ethan about Tennelgast and his hawk-hybrids. He hopes that Vendra will be able to turn them back.
- Ethan remarks that the Festival of Bees is only two days away (on Swordsday), and they need to figure out what to do with Red’s men and the Steel Eagles. Grant suggests that they move out of the Tower temporarily and stay at the Good Omen Inn but leave a guard in place. Ethan agrees.

Day 25 - Fireday – 10th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- With the weather finally improving, the townspeople of Tyland Mill and the arriving merchants begin setting up stalls in the town squire. Grant leaves Ethan to manage any security issues that come up and he decides to press the Lurker to tell what it knows.
- The Lurker has been docile and refusing both food and water for days. Grant tries to talk to it – it is very hard because although the creature clearly understands, it is unwilling to say anything. It seems to want to die. Grant decides to use a little Umbra to weaken its resolve and it starts to tell what it knows. The Lurker doesn’t know anything about Cutting Field – it had been in the tunnels beneath Tyland Mills for almost two months, tasked with protecting its kin who were clearing the clogged passages. It stares blankly at Grant as he presses about sacrifices at the full moon – it doesn’t appear to know anything about the plan, or who these ‘Three Servants’ might be. It does know about the Crawler, the god who is sleeping and will return, but seems ignorant of any plans which might be useful.
- Grant is disappointed and decides to head to the Millhouse to meet with Lady Marian. On the way, he finds that she is coming to meet him. They talk on the way back and Grant explains about Tennelgast and the hawks. He also points out the number of prisoners that are currently in the Sheriff’s Tower and that he needs Marian to provide some guidance as to what to do with them.
- Marian and Grant pause at the edge of the township, and Grant suggests that he talk to Red on her behalf and sound him out – figure out some sort of bargain that both sides would accept. Marian thinks for a while and accepts this proposal. She would like him to explore options but makes no promises as to whether she can accept what he proposes.
- While Grant heads to the Tower to talk to Red, Marian seeks out Ethan to talk with him. Marian had no idea that Ethan was a competent warrior until she saw for herself how he handled Red’s men. She is curious about him – where he comes from and why he travels with Grant. Ethan answers her questions with deference to her station. He explains that he and Grant have been friends for many years and have had many adventures together. She asks if he thinks that Grant could be persuaded to stay as Sheriff of Tyland Woods. Ethan pauses and suggests that she ask for herself as he cannot speak for Grant. Marian chuckles at the diplomatic answer and asks whether he will stay. Ethan’s thoughts are with Isabelle, Abbie and Hilda but he admits that he may stay longer if there is still need for him here.
- Grant releases Red from his cell and invites him to the kitchen to talk. Grant explains that punishment for banditry is quite severe but the massacre at Cutting Field has given Red the opportunity to ‘turn over a new leaf’, make a deal with Lady Marian and stop being bandits. Grant is very persuasive. Red doesn’t really want to be a bandit – he wants a title and lands, but he is very protective of his men. Red admits that his men are at the old Silvertrout Manor, on the eastern side of Chestnut Creek, and he would want title to that manor house as well as some sort of title to go with it, and a pardon for his men.
- They discuss options. Lord Korab has proven himself to be hostile to the Mill Lady and the Lurkers seem to be numerous enough to wipe out a village of almost a hundred people. The Mill Lady needs Red and his men. The alternative is that they hang them all and either Korab or the Lurkers will likely wipe them out.
- Red is intrigued. He has no problems siding with Marian, his half-sister, and likes the idea of one day becoming the Lord of the Weeping Castle (once he has proven himself). But he wonders whether Marian would accept that. His people have done terrible things to survive. There are thieves and murderers amongst his people.
- With this news, Grant returns Red to his cell and then goes to find Ethan. They talk for a while. Ethan wonders if Red is willing to say anything to get free and whether he will keep his end of any bargain that is struck. Grant points out that he did reveal where the bandits are based. Ethan wonders if he could be lying but Grant is sure that he was telling the truth. He and Red seem to have developed a rapport and he doesn’t think Red would directly lie to him. Red doesn’t seem like a bad guy – Grant thinks that he can work with him.
- Ethan comments that the preparations for the Festival of Bees seem to be going well. A troubadour named Ander Half-Elven has turned up, and he already seems to have developed a bit of a following as he plays merry tunes. Most of the stalls have been set up, and already the Good Omen Inn is full of merrymakers.
- Grant excuses himself and goes to talk to Marian. She listens to the proposal and agrees that it is worth further conversation. Red is released once more and Marian talks with him whilst Grant listens. After an hour of negotiation, they have reached an agreement. Red and his men will be given pardons for all past crimes and released. Red will be made Lord of Silvertrout Manor, and Protector of Tyland Wood. She expects the banditry to stop and for Red to adhere to the laws of the land. That also means that he’ll need to dispense the King’s justice where required or defer to herself or the Sheriff where he cannot. The property that has been stolen is to be returned.
- Both Red and Marian seem pleased and relieved that an agreement has been reached.
- The three of them then talk about what is to be done with the Steel Eagles. Grant suggests that they kick them out of Tyland Mills without their horses so that they have to walk home. It’ll serve as a lesson – this was actually Ethan’s idea but Grant likes it. Marian and Red agree to this.
- Marian leaves to organise the paperwork for Red’s release and Red is returned to his cell. He gives the good news to his men and there are cheers from the cells.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 252 is up

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Session 252 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 12) – 10th November 2021

- GM’s note: So we’re almost at the next full moon, and the 4th sacrifice. It’s the Festival of Bees – a chance for the Lords of Gossamer to relax? Maybe…. But probably not.

Day 25 - Fireday – 10th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Red’s men leave town quietly before sunset. Red himself plans to return at suppertime on the first day of the festival when the Mill Lady can explain their bargain. He is carrying a written pardon and instructions for his men.
- The festival setup is almost complete when Grant heads to the Good Omen Inn. Inside, the festivities have already begun. Ander Half-Elven (the troubadour) is playing a jaunty tune while the locals cheer and sing along.
* Sourced from Google Images but this is a piece of artwork by the legendary Larry Elmore. I’ve used this picture to represent Ander Half-Elven.
- Grant is about to join them when he sees a group of dwarves arriving in town. It’s late – well after sundown – and they look tired. There are almost thirty of them.
- Their leader, Ingmar Fellowthongs, calls out to Grant and asks where he might find his cousin. Grant helps him to find Thorn Fellowthongs (the smith), who is drinking in inn, and then to find enough spare land to pitch tents for the entire group. The dwarves seem tired, but relieved to be at their destination. Ingmar is very pleased to see Thorn.
* Sourced from Google Images, this image represents Ingmar Fellowthongs.
- Grant stays at the Good Omen Inn until late, intending on making sure that everyone gets home safely. Salthia pops by, they talk, and she tells him that she’ll wait up for him. Finally when the last merry drunk is safely home, Grant heads to Salthia’s cottage for the night.

Day 26 - Swordsday – 11th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next morning everyone is up early. The marketplace is filled with stalls and people have come from miles around to join in the festival. The Festival of Bees officially starts when a statue of the Lady of Honey is taken from the church (Brother Horace’s house) to the centre of town. Lady Marian says a few words as the bouquets of flowers are laid at the statue’s feet, and then Old Olo (as Honey Master) declares the beginning of the Honey Search.
- Scores of children (and a few adults) head out in all directions, scurrying here and there, looking for the tiny honey pots that have been carefully hidden by Olo over the last few days. Ander Half-Elven plays merrily in the town square and people start looking over the wares that people have brought to sell.
- The mood is bright and festive. Even Widow Gimilkina, who was not impressed that the dwarves had set up their stalls so close to her own, has been pleased by their polite manners and their enthusiasm for her baked pies. Grant wanders around town and visits the stalls. He buys a brooch from Penny, a nine-year old entrepreneur with her own stall. He meets Bo, the only decent fletcher in these parts and buys a lot of his stock. He talks with Marius who has a stall of medicinal herbs. He buys a handful of sweets from Kadyn, one of the peddlers who has come from Old Oaks.
- The three sisters from the Good Omen Inn have set up a stall selling ale and pies (although Nadia is hardly seen as she is always working in the kitchen). Mayor Prigg has most of his stock on tables in front of his shop. On the barges are a fishmonger named Karia and Alfrin’s general store.
- Browsing here and there, Grant keeps an eye out for those who don’t belong. He is half expecting some of Red’s men to try something as they may not yet realise that there is an agreement in place.
- He spots a tall, strong looking woman who looks like a warrior. Her arms are pure muscle. She samples some of the food, but she is clearly looking for something or someone. Grant decides to keep an eye on her.
* Sourced from Google Images, this represents Freya (more on her in Session 253)
- Grant also meets Sir Vance, a wandering knight who arrived two days earlier. Vance is escorting Lady Marian around.
* Sourced from Google Images, this image represents Vance.
- It is a change of pace for Grant. Everything seems so calm. People are polite and relaxed around him. Sure, there is someone selling a faerie-touched horse and apparently some of the merchants from Stone Bridge aren’t here this year (due to Lord Korab and the Steel Eagles) but it’s nice to have some time to relax and enjoy.
- Grant notes that Ethan and a young peasant woman are talking to Alfrin. When the conversation ends, they come over to talk to him. Grant introduces himself, and the woman says that they’ve met. She refers to him as ‘The royal birdcatcher’ which catches him off guard, as that was what some of the fey called him in the Courts. (GM’s note – yes, that hasn’t happened yet. But we will go back to that) Thinking fast, he realises that she isn’t human. She’s a fey wearing a glamour to disguise her true form. He guesses correctly that this is Beethania, the Honey Lady – even the statue has a certain likeness.
* Sourced from Google Images, I’m pretty sure that this image is by Gordon Napier (Dashinvaine), the same talented artist who painted Grant and Ethan. this image represents Beethania as she appears under her glamour.
- Beethania seems pleased to be at Tyland Mills, once again the centre of worship (for that is what the Festival of Bees is) and she seems to be very much attached to Ethan. Grant notes that Ethan is still wearing the pendant around his neck that Isabelle made for him. They make small talk, then Grant excuses himself.
- Meanwhile, wherever Ethan goes, Beethania goes. She walks closely with him, practically clinging to Ethan’s arm, not that anyone else notices. (GM’s note – Ethan and Beethania have met from the Court.) Ethan is very polite and careful not to anger her. Beethania herself oozes charm, and she flirts a little with Ethan. When they last met, she had competition. In Tyland Mills, she does not. She knows that Ethan can see her through her glamour.
- Grant has a late lunch and he picks a quiet place by the docks to sit down and have a pastie. He notes a dark-haired dwarf sitting by the riverbank, eating quietly. Again, this is someone who doesn’t quite fit in with the festive atmosphere.
* Sourced from Google Images
- At dusk, Old Olo declares the end of the Honey Search and a young boy named Efrem Rishavel wins the prize. He is crowned with golden flowers and named King of the Bees for the duration of the festival.
- With the end of the Honey Search a series of long tables are set up and a variety of foods are placed for a communal supper. Nadia brings out plate after plate after plate (she’s been cooking all day), as do many of the other women of the village. Lady Marian, the Mill Lady, speaks first, welcoming everyone and thanking them (especially those who have made the feast possible). She also rewards Efrem with a gold piece and a kiss. At this point, she also acknowledges her half-brother Red, and explains the bargain that has been struck which will mean that he will receive title but also vow to enforce the King’s law. Red’s bandits are no more. Red is offered an opportunity to speak, and he speaks well. The murmurs of the crowd are quickly silenced and people believe that this time, he really might have changed. Grant is then invited to speak as Sheriff, followed by Ingmar Fellowthongs. Ingmar thanks the people of Tyland Mills for their welcome and announces his intention to reclaim the Hexenhoof Mines to the west.
- After dinner, there is the Best Pie Competition, in which the Widow Gimilkina (with her famous rhubarb pie) is pitted against Viera of the Steads (with her All Honey Marvel). A jury of six decides the outcome and Viera is judged the winner. To Grant’s surprise, Gimilkina accepts this with good grace but promises to win next year.
- Grant notes that Ethan is present at the dinner but he no longer seems to be wearing Isabelle’s pendant. That is shocking to him as it was one of the things that the fey most wanted when they spent time in the Courts. Why would he take it off with Beethania present? If he removed it, what did Beethania offer him in return?
- When the communal supper is finished, the tables are cleared away and Ander Half-Elven starts playing music that the people can dance to. While Marian and Vance talk politely, friends and couples dance. Grant keeps watch, occasionally talking to people, but he decides not to join in the dancing. After a while, Grant notes Ethan dancing with Beethania and he seems to be enjoying himself. It seems most unusual.
- Grant decides to go check on the Sheriff’s Tower (and the fishman still in the dungeon). When he leaves, tragedy strikes. A concealed assassin fires at Lady Marian and she is caught in the breast by a crossbow bolt. The impact throws her off her chair. The crowd doesn’t seem to notice at first and the music keeps playing. Sitting beside her, Sir Vance doesn’t seem to realise what happened, assuming that she has merely slipped off her chair, but Ethan realises at once. Pushing people aside, he dashes to Marian’s side and sees her eyes glazing over as the blood is soaking into her dress. Instinctively, he uses Eidolon and prevents her death. He draws out the bolt and starts healing the wound. (GM’s note – the use of Eidolon triggers another tremor in Gossamer Reality)
- Vance is astonished. He watches open mouthed and says nothing. Some of the crowd have realised that the Mill Lady has been attacked and they begin shouting. The music stops abruptly and the crowd is quickly hunting for her assailant. Grant dashes back from the Tower and races after the mystery assassin.
- Marian’s eyes refocus and with Ethan’s assistance she is able to get back to her chair. At this point, Vance snaps out of this and begins organising a search. He assures the worried onlookers that Lady Marian is unhurt. Marian stares at Ethan as she realises that he is a gifted healer but she quickly recovers her wits and stands to her feet (with a bit of help) to reassure the people of Tyland Mills.
- Meanwhile, Grant hunts the assassin in the dark. But Grant can see in the dark. He finds the discarded crossbow and heads out into the fields. He spots a dwarf-sized figure fleeing and chasing him. The assassin is cunning, more cunning than Grant expects. Grant has to avoid caltrops and even a bear-trap but he manages to catch up with the dwarf. It is the same dour dwarf that he saw on the riverbank. A running battle ensues with the dwarf hurling poisoned darts at him. Grant finally brings the dwarf down with a blow to one of his legs, but still the dwarf manages to stick him with poisoned blades. Subduing the assassin, Grant feels a number of different poisons working their way into him and he decides to use Umbra to nullify them. (GM’s note – the internal use of Umbra would cause minimal disturbance to Gossamer Reality)
- Dragging his quarry back to town, Ingmar Fellowthongs confirms that he isn’t one of the Fellowthongs dwarves that came with him. This dwarf is an outsider.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 253 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Tue Nov 30, 2021 6:52 am

Session 253 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 13) – 17th November 2021

- GM’s note: Critical encounters, the villains revealed at the next full moon… A lot happens in this session.

Day 26 - Swordsday – 11th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The dwarven would-be assassin has been dragged off and thrown into a vacant cell. Grant has made sure that the cell-door is Warden-locked so that he can’t get out.
- Returning to Lady Marian, he checks that she is all right. He can tell that she is still shaken but she is presenting herself as calm. She remains at the celebration but it is a little subdued and she realises that the people won’t leave until she leaves. She asks for Ethan to escort her, and both Grant and Ingmar organise for a small group to make sure she gets back to the Mill House safely.
- Ander starts up a jaunty tune and the villagers resume their dancing. The festivities continue for another hour and then starts to die down. Grant finds the burly woman who looks out of place at the celebrations and he introduces himself and asks what brought her to Tyland Mill. The woman answers stiffly – she is clearly uncomfortable by being questioned but she answers politely. Grant decides to leave her be as she doesn’t seem to be a threat (for the moment)
- The Mill Lady reaches her home and she asks Ethan to remain so that she can talk to him. Ventur pours some wine and then leaves them be. She is no fool – she wants to know who Ethan is and why he is here. Ethan is candid with her and explains that he and Grant comes from a distant land. He admits to being a powerful sorcerer and healer, as well as being strong enough to defeat any man in Tyland Mill (except the Sheriff). He explains that there is something here in Tyland Mills that he finds troubling and he intends to stay until the problem is resolved. Marian listens and she believes him. She asks about the woman that he was with earlier in the day (a reference to Beethania) and Ethan explains that she was one of the fey whom he made a bargain with. In return for information, he had agreed to admire her for a day as if she were one of those whom he loves. But he was distracted when Lady Marian was hurt and the bargain was broken. He doesn’t know what damage was done but she is likely to be upset. Marian finds this whole story fascinating and they talk for some time. Marian promises to keep Ethan’s tale in confidence.

Day 27 - Saintsday – 12th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next day Grant is up early to make sure there are no further disturbances to the festival. He is also aware that the Cult of the Crawler will be trying to sacrifice someone at the full moon – and the earliest that this could happen is this evening.
- Ethan has returned from the Millhouse and he tells Grant what has happened. He also explains that Beethania promised to tell him more about the Crawler and its servants that have been threatening the town. She implied that this has happened before and there is a story to be told. Grant asks what the fey lady wanted in return and Ethan explains that he thinks that she’s quite lonely. She remembers him from the Courts (GM’s note – which has not happened yet) and she asked for his complete admiration and devotion for a day. Grant is surprised by this as he knows that neither Abigail nor Isabelle would be happy with this arrangement – Ethan simply says that admiration and devotion can take many forms. He had no intention of tricking her and he was watching to see how it played out. Unfortunately the attack on Marian had spoiled things. He expects Beethania to be angry with him.
- They turn their attention back to the festival. Everything appears to be normal but today Grant expects someone to go missing. He looks around and only notes that Nadia is missing. He makes some inquiries and is told by her sister Irina that Nadia worked hard yesterday and is tired.
- The villagers drift in the direction of the fields where archery targets have been set up. Ethan notes that Beethania is already there and he goes to talk to her. She is not upset – quite the opposite – she praises him for going to Lady Marian’s aid. She suggests that he compete in the archery tournament to win her favour, and Ethan agrees to this.
- The archery tournament begins in the fields. About twenty archers take turns shooting at targets to determine the best. Ethan shoots well and is one of three to progress to the finals. The other two are Red, and Right-Eye Tom (Bo the Fletcher’s nephew).
- During the tournament, a large man arrives in Tyland Mills on a warhorse. He is dressed in heavy armour and Grant doesn’t like the look of him. The man comes over to watch the archery – he says something to Salthia and she avoids him. Grant notes that he wears the trappings of a Steel Eagle and he goes to meet him. The man is Raktor Stoneface, the leader of the Steel Eagles. He seems to be appraising Grant, and he asks after Grant’s deputy, referring to the one who sent a number of his men home without their horses.
* Sourced from Google Images but this represents Raktor Stoneface.
- They talk for awhile and end up sitting down for a mug of ale. Grant can tell that Raktor is a veteran of many battles but he is also a pragmatist. He is trying to figure out just how dangerous the people of Tyland Mills actually are, and in particular what sort of man Grant and his deputies are. Raktor has heard tales about Cutting Field but does not believe them. Grant offers to show him one of the fishmen and Raktor is interested in this.
- They watch the Bees’ Brawl, a wrestling match where the strongest men in the village are covered in bees wax and wrestle in a very muddy pit until only one remains. Raktor asks which one of the competitors is Grant’s deputy but Ethan is not competing.
- Theod of the Steads wins the wrestling match and is made ‘The Right Hand of the King’ for the duration of the Festival. The crowd cheers.
- Grant then takes Raktor to see the fishman that he holds in his custody. Raktor is more impressed with this but finds it hard to believe that there are hundreds or even more of these creatures. Grant also mentions the dwarven assassin to Raktor, hoping to provoke a reaction, but Raktor is as stony-faced as his name and is difficult to read. (Grant suspects that Lord Korab hired the assassin) Raktor then asks about having the horses returned and Grant refuses – he shows him the report that was filed and that the horses were impounded as compensation for ‘banditry’. Raktor’s attempts to coerce the Sheriff fail. Grant remains firm in his position.
- Showing Raktor out, Grant then returns to the archery competition. The three best archers shoot for the prize of a bag of coins and the title of ‘The Left Hand of the King’ for the remainder of the festival. Ethan shoots well but is ultimately defeated by Red, and Right-Eye Tom. Tom ultimately wins the competition. Grant notes that Ethan goes back to talk to Beethania. She cuddles his arm and looks very happy – clearly she didn’t hold a grudge from the previous day and she doesn’t seem to mind that Ethan didn’t win.
- As the day wears on, Grant tries to keep track of who may be missing. Many of the farmers and locals start making their way home to the steads but most stay for the closing ceremony of the festival. Grant notes that Sylvia is not there, Rowan is packing up her stall without John, Prigg’s wife is looking after the stall, and Gimilkina appears to have retired early. There seem to be many people missing. Grant decides to check on them, one by one. Eventually he realises that he hasn’t seen Salthia in a while and he goes to look for her.
- Salthia is sitting on one of the jetties overlooking the water. She looks sad. Grant goes to comfort her and she confesses that she didn’t enjoy seeing Raktor again – the women in the Weeping Castle aren’t treated very well. She asks what will happen to her after Grant leaves – she seems to know that he won’t be staying and she is scared what will happen to her when he does. Grant promises to look after her but she doesn’t seem to believe it.
- Grant decides to stay with Salthia rather than attend the closing ceremony of the festival.
- As such, he doesn’t notice Ethan leaving with Beethania. When the ceremony is over and her statue is put back in Brother Horace’s house for safekeeping for next year, she takes Ethan’s hand and leads him into the forest. What follows is a game, playing hide and seek and finding flowers. The twilight fades quickly and the glamour wears off, revealing Beethania as she truly is in the moonlight of the full moon. She takes Ethan deeper into the forest and promise to tell him the story of the Crawler… if he can catch her…

The Fourth Sacrifice – Part 1
- Darkness has fallen over Tyland Woods and people have returned to their houses. Grant explains to Salthia that he needs to patrol this evening, but she is fearful when he explains that he doesn’t know who target of the Cult of the Crawler is, and he asks Tellurian to keep her company for the evening.
- The full moon has risen. Grant is patrolling when Rowan mentions to him that John the Fair has not returned from an evening walk (which he often does when there is good moonlight). Grant and Rowan start searching for John. Rowan is very concerned and she confides in Grant that she loves John the Fair (despite there being a very unacceptable 20+ year age gap between them). Grant notices that someone is shadowing them but he says nothing of it.
- They find an article of John’s clothing and webbed footprints. Grant speeds up the hunt to find John in time. After fifteen minutes of searching, voices are heard in the darkness and he hears John crying for help. They find John the Fair tied to an old tree in the middle of a clearing. A masked cultist is standing next to him with a black knife and the clearing is full of Lurkers. Some of them have twisted bodies or armour-plating – they don’t appear to be normal at all.
* Sourced from Google Images but this represents the Priest of the Crawler
- Grant takes a moment to figure out who is following them. It is the burly woman who was out of place at the festival. He quickly decides that she can’t be after Rowan and he decides to attack the masked priest and save John the Fair.
- The priest holds the black blade aloft, charges the weapon with magical energy and announces that this is the “The Fourth Death, the Man with Two Souls”.
- Transforming into a black-feathered night-owl, Grant moves to attack the priest but is intercepted by a demonic four-armed protector that swats him like a fly. The Lurkers move to attack him.
- The masked priest stabs down at John the Fair but it is too late. The moonlight has triggered a transformation. John the Fair is transforming into a werewolf! The werewolf quickly tears free of its bonds and begins attacking the Lurkers.
* Sourced from Google Images
- At this point, Grant and the John the Werewolf begin attacking Lurkers and the four-armed demon. The four-armed demon is difficult to kill because it regenerates at a supernatural rate – Grant can feel Umbra being used.
- The burly woman also enters the fray, killing Lurkers with a pair of axes, whilst Rowan watches horrified from the sidelines.
- The masked priest decides to flee, and makes his way into the forest. Grant lets the priest go, figuring that he will not escape.
- The battle is over in minutes. Grant kills the regenerating demon and all of the Lurkers are slaughtered. At this point, the burly woman turns her attention towards John the Werewolf. She is a professional slayer and she is here to kill the werewolf that killed a young girl in Avery. She’s tracked John the Fair to Tyland Mills. To save John, Rowan embraces the werewolf and calms him sufficiently to reverse the transformation. The burly woman still wants to kill John (as there is no cure for lycanthropy) but Grant successfully convinces her that they have bigger ‘monster problems’ to deal with. Finally, she gives her name as Freya and she agrees to help Grant.
- Grant goes after the runaway priest but finds that he has teleported away by opening an Umbral vent. Frustrated and angry, Grant knows that he could pursue but he thinks he is likely to be ambushed on the other side. He decides to withdraw with the others and protect John the Fair, lest they try again.
- Before he leaves the clearing, the tree awakens – it is Softbark, the treant-sister to Oldroot. She confirms that the Lurkers come from the Gorge and that the Crawler was never truly slain by Tyland Redmantle. The power of the Crawler is returning. They talk briefly and Softbark falls asleep again.

The Fourth Sacrifice – Part 2
- They make their way back to Tyland Mills. He finds Ethan absent but assumes that he is not a target. Grant has realised that there is another person in Tyland Mills that could be interpreted as a ‘Man with Two Souls’ – Ander Half-Elven. He assumes that if the Cult failed to kill John the Fair that they may try to kill the troubadour.
- Ander is still playing music at the Good Omen Inn. Fearing an attack from the river, Grant organises defenses around the Good Omen Inn, and keeps John the Fair and Rowan in the inn itself. Ander is already staying at the inn, and Irina makes it clear that she is expecting to spend the night with Ander. This is not surprising to Grant as he’s noticed Irina’s interest in Ander since he arrived.
- Grant stays up all night, making sure that no attack comes. When morning comes he finds Rowan and John still present, but when he goes to find Ander Half-Elven, he finds that Ander is missing and the three sisters are gone. Confounded and confused, Grant starts looking for another way out of the Good Omen Inn.
- He finds it in the kitchen. A trapdoor leads down into a cellar, and then into the catacombs of Undertown. Worse still, he finds a chamber that looks like it’s a secret headquarters of the cult – and there are personal effects left behind by the three sisters.
- His head spinning from the revelation, Grant heads out to Softbark (who has fallen asleep again) and finds the dead body of Ander Half-Elven amongst the dead bodies of the fishmen. Ander has been ritually sacrificed as the Fourth Sacrifice. Somehow Nadia and Irina must have convinced Ander to leave with them, or they somehow drugged him. Regardless, they succeeded on the Fourth Sacrifice with a second attempt.
- Cursing, Grant returns to town to find that Ethan has arrived. They sit down in the empty Good Omen Inn to talk. Grant shares his news and then listens to what Ethan has to say.
- Beethania told him that there were once three priestesses of the Crawler – Iriskara, the warrior; Sylkara, the high priest; and Nadakara, the shadow walker. Nadakara ensnared Sir Baros, the first knight to come to the area, and turned him into Kur-Rah, the Betrayer. When Tyland Redmantle came to find his missing friend, Baros had already turned to darkness and could not be reasoned with. This was two hundred years ago but the three sisters have returned. In these new incarnations, they seem to have remembered who they once were and are trying to bring back the Crawler.
- Grant notes the poor timing of this information – Ander Half-Elven is dead. He asks Ethan what he gave to Beethania in trade for this information. At first, Ethan says ‘affection’, but he remarks that she almost certainly used him. She took him to a place deep in the forest where there is a Faerie Well – the place where he assumes that Lord Wynterlyr is imprisoned. She assumes that she did this to spite her husband.
- Grant is not impressed. Ethan goes on to say that Beethania told him that someone has found a piece of Wynterlyr’s ring – the ring that has been split into three parts. Reunited all three parts and returning to Wynterlyr would free him from his prison. She asked Ethan to find it – she said that it would ‘please her’ for Ethan to find and wear it. Ethan doesn’t know what that means but he thinks she is playing him. However, apparently Lord Wynterlyr made the ring from ‘a piece of the Crawler’ – so it may have power over the Crawler itself.
- The pair weigh up their options. The three sisters can use Umbra and are almost certainly back in Nyrath, which is probably near the Gorge. However, they don’t have to go after them immediately – they have time. Lord Korab is a problem given that he has tried twice to remove Lady Marian. Grant wants him dead if he can get Marian’s blessing to do it. Ethan also points out that they need an army to stop the Lurkers, and that means getting the dwarves on-side by helping them to reclaim the Hexenhoof Mine and hopefully getting enough money to buy the Steel Eagles’ services as well. However, there is the problem that a piece of Wynterlyr’s ring has been found.
- Ethan agrees to go after Wynterlyr’s ring. Grant decides to talk to Lady Marian about what can be done to remove Lord Korab.

- GM’s note: And yes, it was very strange that Grant took both Fourth Sacrifice targets to the Good Omen Inn, right to the priestesses’ place of power. Grant was busy protecting the place from outside attack and never considered the possibility that the three sisters could be involved. The fact that Nadia was stung by a Nyrathi Bee and needed help to be healed was just an unfortunate coincidence. Sylvia and Irina had the magical talent to heal their sister but couldn’t use it without revealing their powers. That’s why they were so sad.

It also means that every time that Ethan used Eidolon or Sorcery, the sisters could sense it. They had prepared to deal with an Eidolon Master (hence the regenerating demon) but of course they had little or no knowledge of Grant’s abilities.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 254 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Mon Dec 13, 2021 8:34 pm

Session 254 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 14) – 1st December 2021

- GM’s note: A week’s break as I hit the wall and needed a break. And now we return to what happened after the Fourth Sacrifice. The three sisters of the Good Omen Inn have been revealed as servants of the Crawler and have apparently fled Tyland Mill, presumably heading for the Gorge and the hidden city of Nyrath.

This session covers a full week of activity as Grant and Ethan were quite busy.

Day 28 - Moonday – 13th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next morning Ethan decides to search the rest of the Undercity beneath Tyland Mill and he locates the secret chambers where the three priestesses operated from. They left in a hurry and there are some gold and possessions left behind. He then turns his attention to the River Caverns and looks over them again but all is as it was. The Lurkers have not returned.
- Meanwhile, Grant decides to interrogate Rannik. Rannik proves a difficult nut to crack and Grant ends up using Umbra to break down his resolve as the day wears on. Rannik confirms that Lord Korab hired him to kill Lady Marian but he also tries to bargain for his freedom with the lure of treasure. Rannik claims to be the son of the Red Fox, a legendary dwarven thief whose treasure has never been found. Rannik has been holed up at Fort Ghost (in the north), a place that is said to be both cursed and haunted. His father left him riddles to find his lost treasure and he claims to have both the map and one of two the lenses to read the map, but the other lens is probably in his surviving brother’s possession. Grant has one of the lens because Rannik had it on him when he was captured, but the map is supposed to be in Fort Ghost.
- Rannik hates his brother Otto as he was betrayed by his kin twenty years ago and sentenced to the prison at Kaavaros for his crimes. Rannik had been following in his father’s footsteps when he was betrayed. He plans to avenge himself on Otto.
- Rannik tries to persuade Grant that he will not be able to find the map without him, but Grant remains unconvinced.
- In the afternoon, Ethan reaches the Old Temple and descends to the lower level. He finds the shrine to Beethania and opens a secret cavity in the statue’s base, which reveals a dagger with an elaborate hilt called Heartbreaker. It is a faerie weapon and is one of the few things that can harm Lord Wynterlyr – this is the weapon that Beethania cut her husband’s face with.
- He then turns his attention to Wynterlyr’s shrine, which is still heavily defaced by black moss. He considers cleansing it using Eidolon but decides to leave it for another day.
- The evening is spent at the Good Omen Inn. Salthia is trying to run the place, and some of the locals and Ingmar’s dwarves are helping her. Grant and Ethan talk, and Ethan says that he plans to leave in the morning.

Day 29 - Towerday – 14th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Just before dawn, Ethan rides south for Beethania’s Shrine in order to recover a segment of ring that Grant previously saw there. He is riding ‘Pigeon’, one of the captured Steel Eagles’ horses. Beethania to him that one of the ring segments had been recovered but she never said which segment so Ethan isn’t sure if the segment is still at the Shrine or not, so he journeys there to be sure.
- Grant goes to talk with Lady Marian and shares the information that he has gathered from Rannik. Marian is not surprised that Lord Korab sent the assassin – it’s the second time that he’s tried to remove her. Grant suggests that he remove Korab (have him die in his sleep) and recover most of the money that is in Korab’s treasury so that the Steel Eagles will be forced to seek other employment. Marian is a little concerned that the Steel Eagles may turn to banditry (or even sack Stonebridge) but she also notes that the King would probably send some of his army to Tyland Woods if the Steel Eagles went that far. In the end, Grant convinces her to support his plan.
- Grant asks for some help from Alfrin, Parth and Ingmar. Alfrin agrees to head to the Weeping Castle by boat with Parth and two of his dwarves onboard. It will take them more than a day to get there so they set off quickly.
- Grant then begins to analyse Rannik’s poisons and decides to use some of them against Lord Korab.
- Ethan reaches Beethania’s shrine in the late afternoon. Her statue is there, gorgeous and lifelike, but there is no sign of the ring fragment. He finds tracks heading north back towards Tyland Mill – it looks like the tracks of a boy or girl. He decides that it is too late to press on and decides to stay the night.
- That evening, Grant wracks his brains as to what could go wrong. He starts to doubt the plan. But just after dark, his missing deputies Puke, Rein and Gareth return from their long absence. They had followed the missing cattle but were captured by Red’s men. When Red and his men were pardoned, they were set free. Grant is very happy with this as he was worried that he was leaving Tyland Mill poorly protected. He celebrates with them at the Good Omen Inn and spends the night with Salthia.

Day 30 - Wineday – 15th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Grant rises early and heads north for the Weeping Castle. He leaves early enough that he doesn’t see or smell the smoke rising from Theod’s stead to the south.
- In the morning Ethan heads north, tracking the individual who found a fragment of Wynterlyr’s ring. The tracks are joined by animal tracks (either a sheep or a goat), suggesting that the boy (or girl) may have been searching for missing stock.
- About an hour into the journey he smells the smoke from Theod’s farmstead and he races north. After two hours of hard riding, he arrives and finds that Theod and his family have recently come under attack by a band of goblins. Goblins aren’t normally hostile and the farmers are in shock that goblins would attack them like this. They staged an attack on one side whilst a small group of them broke into the compound – Theod’s son Galen is missing. The goblins took him.
- Ethan doesn’t know if Galen is the boy who found Wynterlyr’s ring, but it doesn’t matter. A small hunting party is already pursuing the goblins and Ethan decides to follow and join them. He leaves his horse behind, lightens his load and begins running through the forest.
- It is mid-afternoon when Ethan catches the others. They are still trailing the goblins but have not caught them yet. The group continue their pursuit but the goblins reach the Hexenhoof Mine first before Ethan and the hunters can intercept them.
- The hunters talk about what to do – there certainly seem to be a lot of the goblins. Ethan finally says that he wants to talk to them and he enters the Hexenhoof Mine alone.
- The goblins are surprised to see him but do not feel threatened by one man. When Ethan explains that he wants to talk to their ‘chief’, he is assigned an escort and led into the mine. The lighting inside is poor or almost non-existent but Ethan can see well enough. There is a whole goblin village in the old dwarven mine. Over a hundred of them, including old goblins, females and children.
- Ethan waits a little while before the King will see him. The King is a corpulent goblin with beady eyes. Ethan explains that he is seeking Theod’s son and the King proves to be unusually reasonable. The conversation is pleasant, the King offers to return the missing child and Ethan offers some gold to thank the King for his generosity.
- Ethan leaves with Galen, wondering how it could possibly be so easy. While escorting Galen back to the other hunters, he asks Galen if he recovered the ring fragment from Beethania’s Shrine. Galen confirms that he had the fragment, and that it somehow merged with his hand. He did not know what to do, so he consulted with Grandmother Nuna (the best healer in Tyland Woods) but still they had no answers. He explains that one of the goblins was able to take the piece of ring from his flesh without making any wound. He didn’t understand what they were saying but he was pretty sure that they had a piece of the ring as well.
- The hunters are pleased to see Galen and they return to Theod’s stead. Ethan decides to stay – he figures that if the goblins have two of the three parts of the ring, then they will probably leave at some point to find the third part.
- Late in the evening, Grant reaches the Old Oak near the Weeping Castle. He looks around it and finds that it is one of Red’s old stashes. (He finds a small amount of treasure and some supplies hidden in the tree) He then decides to rest until the wee hours of the morning.

Day 31 - Thunderday – 16th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- In the middle of the night, Grant goes to the Weeping Castle. By now, clouds have drifted overhead and a soft rain is failing. In nightbird form, he approaches Korab’s chambers through one of the arrowslit windows and finds Lord Korab fast asleep and alone. He uses some of Rannik’s poison to kill him while he sleeps and then he goes to Korab’s treasure room.
- Grant decides to bundle up almost all of the treasure into a number of small sacks and then drops them out of the window one-by-one into the muddy river bank. He leaves enough treasure to keep the Steel Eagles paid for about a week but takes everything else. He then recovers the small sacks from the river bank and makes his way to Alfrin’s moored boat. Parth, Alfrin and the two dwarves are surprised to see Grant. Grant stashes the loot and Alfrin quickly begins poling downstream.
- Dawn breaks. The day passes slowly. Grant relaxes on the boat. Ethan watches over the Hexenhoof Mine for signs of the goblins’ departure. After a while, Ethan gets a feeling – he can sense the presence of another Warden. Whoever it is, it is not someone that Ethan recognises. Judging this an important development, Ethan uses an Icon to contact Grant and tells him. He also mentions that he has felt Umbral magic being used, far away in the East – perhaps in Nyrath.
- It is late in the day, well after dark, that Alfrin’s boat returns to Tyland Mill. Grant takes the money and stashes it, then reports what has happened to Lady Marian.
- It is pitch dark when a group of goblins leave the Hexenhoof mine and Ethan can tell that this is no ordinary patrol as he can sense the magic that one of them is carrying. He decides to follow them.

Day 32 - Fireday – 17th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Ethan follows the goblins as far as the Dusker River, where they make camp for the night. They are not aware of his pursuit.
- Grant considers his next steps and decides to head to Fort Ghost. He doesn’t think there is sufficient time to get to Stone Bridge and back, but Fort Ghost is only a day’s travel away. He is briefly delayed when he finds some lost livestock and has to return them, but he still reaches Fort Ghost by nightfall. He knows that Fort Ghost is said to be both cursed and haunted and he decides to camp a few miles away.
(GM’s note - Unknown to both Grant and Ethan, but for the benefit of the readers, Lord Korab’s lover Acaratina and her twisted brother Twistle discover that Lord Korab is dead. Acaratina knows that Lord Korab wears the key to the treasury around his neck and she uses the key to access the treasure. There they discover that the gold reserves are practically gone. This is a big shock to Twistle as he knew of a secret door into the treasury and it was not this depleted when he last looked. The two realise that they’ll likely be killed when Raktor Stoneface finds out, so they decide to rob what is left and flee. They successfully gather the transportable remaining loot, arrange for two horses to be saddled and then head south)

Day 33 - Swordsday – 18th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Swordsday is a cool sunny day. Grant approaches Fort Ghost cautiously. He finds many traps, and a group of pale-faced goblins who believe that Rannik has stolen ‘their souls’. At last Grant finds Rannik’s hidden chambers and Grant cannot believe his eyes. Rannik has a bed with proper pillows. Not one of those cots with straw – an actual comfortable bed. Grant recovers the map of Tyland Woods that Rannik spoke of, and judges it too late to head back to Tyland Mill so he falls asleep on the bed.
- The goblins cross the Dusker River with Ethan in pursuit. They make their way north, avoiding the Weeping Castle and reaching a strange section of forest where there is a lingering mist. The goblins wait until nightfall and in the moonlight, the ruins of an old city – the city of Veltigar appears. Ethan has felt this sort of transition before – this is a place where the veil between the real world and the faerie world is thin.
* Sourced from Google Images. The Ruins of Veltigar
- The goblins are led by a tough looking female. She commands her kin to search the ruins, and she quickly finds her target – a shadow beast that has absorbed the third fragment of the ring. The goblins slay the beast but before they can claim their prize, another faction arrives. It is one of the Priestesses of the Crawler with two dozen Lurkers. In a strange voice that sounds nothing like Nadia, Sylvia or Irina, the Priestess directs the goblins to hand over the fragments of Wynterlyr’s ring.
- At this point all hell breaks loose. Goblins fight Lurkers and Ethan tries to take the ring amidst the confusion. The female goblin briefly has all three parts of the ring, but it is seized by a strange creature who bounds away in large frog-like hops and disappears into the thick fog. Ethan charges after the hopping creature and they quickly leave the battle behind them. Ethan loses all sense of direction but he manages to catch and pin-down the long-legged faerie and take the ring from him. The frog-like faerie seems very annoyed and gives a loud hooting sound as Ethan flees with the ring. In the distance, Ethan can hear the baying of faerie hounds.
- Calming himself, Ethan dons the ring and uses a spell of mental invisibility to quietly walk away. He spies the occasional dark shape rushing by him but he escapes unscathed. He was not expecting this as Ethan’s invisibility has traditionally failed to prevent bloodhounds from finding him – but for reasons unknown (at this time), it works.
- Unfortunately, Ethan has no idea where he is and no idea how to return to the ruins of Veltigar. His Wayfinding appears to be useless. He is completely lost in the faerie realm.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 255 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Tue Dec 14, 2021 6:25 am

Session 255 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 15) – 8th December 2021

- GM’s note: I think there are only another 2-3 sessions left in this story arc. We’re getting closer to the climax.

Grant is in the process of returning from Fort Ghost. He is carrying Rannik’s map of Tyland Mills and one of the lenses that will enable him to read the map and find Red Fox’s lost treasure.

Ethan is currently lost in the faerie realms.

And meanwhile, the Priestesses of the Crawler only need to complete one more sacrifice to bring back their god.

I’ve included a map of Tyland Woods and all of the locations at the bottom of this post.

Day 34 - Saintsday – 19th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Grant is on his way back to Tyland Mill after a good night’s sleep when he runs across the tracks of a very large animal. Something larger than a bear. He has a bad feeling and decides to follow the tracks. Amongst the footprints are occasional splatters of blood. The further he goes, the more he feels that this might be the legendary Big One that is supposed to dwell in the forest. A terrible maneating bear of legendary size. Takk (the Tanner) has been talking about finding the beast – it is a dream of his.
- Grant tracks it over many miles and finds its den in a deep ravine choked with trees. The whole place smells of death and there are many carcasses strewn here and there. Animals don’t behave the way that the Big One behaves. This is a desecration.
- Grant stalks the monster and a battle against an enormous black bear is fought. The creature has a wicked looking silver spear lodged in its throat and it fights with unnatural fury. Grant strikes many blows to bring the creature down. He takes the silver spear and notes that it is a weapon of the Enemy dating from the Necromancer’s invasion. The wound it made had no doubt driven the creature mad. He leaves the area with a heavy heart. The creature was a crazed abomination, but he is still sorry to kill it.
- This hunt has taken him most of the day so in the afternoon he makes his way back to the road. He’s tired, and it is during this long slog that a small fey wearing a suit made of green leaves interrupts him.
- The faerie’s name is Whistlercow and he claims to be a personal envoy of Lord Wynterlyr. Whistlercow explains that he wants Lord Wynterlyr’s ring and he believes that Grant can get it for him. Whistlercow says that Lord Wynterlyr is prepared to be very generous. He offers a robin as a companion to relay messages back to him when Grant has made his decision, and Whistlercow implies that finding, or bring back Lady Sophia is within Lord Wynterlyr’s power. With a goodbye “Toodleloo”, Whistlercow vanishes. He has given Grant a lot to think about.

Lost in Faerie
- Ethan is lost in faerie mists. He wanders. Time passes but the mist does not lift. Occasionally there are shadows moving in the mist.
- Ethan has been in faerie before and he knows that time can be distorted here. Considerable time passes for Ethan as he wanders. He is unable to find a shadow path. He is not hungry but is occasionally thirsty.
- Days pass before Ethan can find the first break in the mists. He has wandered into a lush faerie land where the mountains are unnaturally shaped into narrow peaks.
- It is many weeks that Ethan is in the faerie realm but eventually he returns. (GM’s note – what happens to Ethan may be revealed in future writeups or in flashbacks)

Day 35 - Moonday – 20th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Grant arrives back in Tyland Mill in the late morning. Ethan has not returned. His other deputies tell him that all is well, but there are some Steel Eagles waiting for him in the Good Omen Inn. Grant decides to let them wait. He makes sure that the evil spear that drove the Big One mad is locked away, then asks Tellurian about the six-holed flute that he found in the Old Oak cache (one of Red’s stashes). He knows the six-holed flute is a faerie artefact and he wonders if there are any local stories about it. He is in luck – Tellurian has heard of it – the six-holed flute is reputed to be able to tame and control insects, including Nyrathi Bees. Tellurian has no idea who the original faerie owner is but it could be Lady Beethania.
- Parth mentions that the Steel Eagles are looking for ‘Lord Korab’s woman’. Gareth spotted Acaratina and Twistle heading west towards Old Oaks but they didn’t tell the Steel Eagles this. Grant tells Parth that he has done well.
- Grant cleans himself up and is about to head over to the Good Omen Inn when Sir Vance comes to see him. Vance is leaving town, heading for Scarlet (the capital) and wished to say goodbye. Grant wishes him well.
- Turning his attention to the Good Omen Inn, Grant finds that the inn is now operating in a much more orderly state and Salthia is far less frazzled. She seems to have a team of dwarves working with her now, and her fear of the Steel Eagles is much diminished. Grant meets the senior of the two Steel Eagles, a man named Nantor. Nantor says that Lord Korab ordered them to recover his lady. She’s travelling with her brother and a quantity of gold. Nantor gives the impression that Lord Korab has been robbed, but this surprises Grant as he thought that Korab was dead. Is it just a slip of the tongue or is Korab somehow still alive? Grant tells Nantor where Acatarina and Twistle were last seen and the two Steel Eagles depart, muttering complaints as to why Grant’s deputies didn’t tell them earlier.
- Grant settles down to a hearty meal in the Good Omen Inn and thinks about what to do next. He wonders about whether to deal with the goblins at the Hexenhoof Mine or to head to Stonebridge to recover the second lens (and possibly find the title to the Hexenhoof Mine that Ingmar has been searching for).
- It is very late in the day that Ethan arrives at the Good Omen Inn. He looks very tired, and very dazed. Food and drink are prepared and he asks dully what day it is. He has lost all track of time. Eating slowly, he tells Grant that he has recovered Lord Wynterlyr’s ring. Showing it to him (Ethan is wearing it), Grant realises that it has an insect-like motive. If Beethania was telling the truth, this was fashioned from a piece of the Crawler. Ethan explains that he’s been able to tap into some of the power of the ring – and it helped him to get out of the faerie realms – but he’s very tired now.
- Ethan tells him of his adventure to recover the segments of the ring, and of his run in with one of the Priestesses. Grant then explains what he has done and found, and he tells Ethan of Lord Wynterlyr’s offer. Ethan brightens at this and immediately offers Grant the ring if he believes that Lord Wynterlyr could return Lady Sophia. Grant says that he is suspicious of the offer and the fey can be tricky. He suggests that Ethan keep the ring until the current crisis is over.
- Despite Ethan’s fatigue, Grant asks if it is possible to find out whether Lord Korab is still alive. Ethan agrees to this. Returning to the Sheriff’s Tower, Ethan uses a farseeing spell to look at the Weeping Castle. There he finds Raktor Stoneface in charge. The Steel Eagles are still in control of the Weeping Castle and are showing no sign of departure. Grant processes this and thanks Ethan for confirming.
- They talk. Grant wants to head to the Hexenhoof Mines to fulfil his obligation to Ingmar, and he asks Ethan to head to Stonebridge and find Otto, the missing lens and also the deed to the Hexenhoof Mine if that is possible. Ethan points out that Stonebridge is under Steel Eagle control. Grant is still hopeful that they can find the treasure needed to buy the Steel Eagles’ loyalty but he understands if Ethan has to deal with some of the Steel Eagles to achieve the other goals.
- Grant returns to the Good Omen Inn, and Ethan tiredly heads to bed.

Day 36 - Towerday – 21st Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The rains start overnight. Ethan is feeling refreshed and is keen to get going. He warns Grant that he may be gone for up to a week. He takes Rannik’s map and lens with him.
- Grant watches Ethan go and then goes to talk with Ingmar. He wants to know whether Ingmar would consider negotiation with the goblins as they have been settled in the mines for a long time. Ingmar is initially unhappy with the suggestion but Grant points out that they are heavily outnumbered and the mines seem vast enough that an agreement may be possible. Ingmar is convinced to try to reason with the goblins.
- Grant and Ingmar head off on horseback for the Hexenhoof Mines. The journey is pleasant despite the rain and Grant notes that Whistlercow’s robin follows him at a distance. They meet a travelling merchant named Pender who is heading for Tyland Mills and they continue on.
- At the Broken Bridge on the way to the Hexenhoof Mines they meet a three-headed ogre who will only let them pass if they solve a riddle. Even though Grant correctly answers, the ogre is still undecided as to whether to let them pass. The situation deteriorates and Grant is forced to slay the ogre and his many hounds. They then continue onto the mine itself and wait for nightfall.
- Meanwhile, Ethan runs into a Steel Eagle patrol that recognise his horse as one of theirs. There is a tense moment but the Steel Eagles choose to let him go.

Day 37 - Wineday – 22nd Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- During the night, Grant goes to visit the Hexenhoof Mine. He takes Ingmar with him and they present themselves as envoys from Tyland Mill. The goblins don’t feel threatened by the two of them so they are escorted into the mine (just as Ethan was). They see firsthand the goblin village and get talking with a number of the goblins. The goblins seem eager to trade with them. One of the objects that is offered is a cap and goggles that Grant recognises as belonging to Jacob (an old friend and fellow Lord of Gossamer). Neither Ingmar nor Grant feels threatened by the goblins. They also note that the goblins seem interested in getting the dwarven mining equipment working. They are not stupid but they don’t seem to have the technical skills to operate some of the complex machines.
- At last they are taken to the corpulent king. Grant offers some gemstones as gifts and they talk. The goblin king isn’t interested in leaving the mines as this is his people’s home, but he has no interest in angering the people of Tyland Mill or the dwarves either. Grant gets the impression that the goblin king would be deposed if he were not seen to be strong, but also that the goblin king doesn’t care if the dwarves visit areas that are important to them. The king doesn’t seem to think that either of them is a threat but he is cool and cautious towards them.
* Image by JonasJensenArt, sourced from DeviantArt
- After a few minutes of conversation, the king tells them that there is a dwarf in the mine – but he is mad. Mad enough to think that the goblins are all dwarf children. Ingmar is keen to meet this mad dwarf and they are taken to meet ‘Hammer’. Hammer is quite insane and he keeps babbling on about the Crawler, the ring, and also about a creature that dwells on the level below which is Waka Nuka, the Great Mouth, and an offspring of the Crawler. Grant has been feeling that there is another Warden of the Stair here, somewhere below. He wonders if Jacob could be trapped here, but Hammer tells him that Jacob was devoured. This gives Grant the nasty feeling that this creature, the Waka Nuka, could have absorbed Jacob’s knowledge and abilities. An offspring of the Crawler that could open Doors and venture out onto the Stair could be very dangerous.
- Hammer is happy to take Grant and Ingmar ‘below’ but the king’s bodyguards refuse to let them descend via the ‘great bucket’. Leaving Ingmar to talk further with Hammer, Grant decides to go exploring. He finds a chamber with a Warden mark on it and discovers another Tower Warden tower which has been sealed off for many years. This tower rises well above the mountains and provides a commanding view over the surrounding lands.
- Meanwhile, Ethan runs into some trouble. A morning mist brings faerie hounds and he is forced to run for it. Unfortunately the creatures are fast – too fast for his poor horse. Ethan faces the hounds on foot and drives them off, but his horse is hurt. Ethan again uses Eidolon to gently heal the injuries but the horse remains spooked. He arrives at Stone Bridge late in the day and organises a room at Pete’s Tavern.
- Stone Bridge has buildings on both sides of the Dusker River, and the dwarven-made stone bridge crosses the waters in two large spans. Ethan notes that the Steel Eagles control the bridge and demand a tithe for anyone to cross it. They seem to have fortified one of the farmhouses on the edge of town. At Pete’s tavern, no one looks particularly happy except for the six Steel Eagles who enjoy ‘drinks on the house’. Despite this, Ethan minds his own business and simply observes.
* The current map of Tyland Woods, including what has been revealed to date.
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 256 is up

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Session 256 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 16) – 15th December 2021

- GM’s note: This session focusses on Grant and Ingmar’s exploration of the Hexenhoof Mines and their fight with the Little Crawler, the monster that the goblins call ‘Waka Nuka’ (or Big Mouth). The Waka Nuka has eaten Jacob, Lord of Gossamer, so it has Warden powers but it is also trapped on the lower level of the mine and cannot get out. It has been stuck in the dwarven mines for over fifty years, growing bigger…

Day 37 - Wineday – 22nd Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Convincing the Goblin King to let them use the bucket to descend to the lower levels of the Hexenhoof Mine takes Grant and Ingmar some time. The Goblin King seems to be interested in a way to control the beast rather than killing it (GM’s note – he was after the Ring of Command to enable him to enslave it, and the goblins who were after it have not yet returned), but he finally agrees that if it were slain that it could potentially be good for the goblins so he allows them to use the bucket.
- The ‘bucket’ itself is a large mining elevator that could carry a small army of dwarves and a significant quantity of ore. The gears grind into life and they are slowly lowered into the depths. They have agreed that the goblins will bring them back up in four hours, and they hope the Waka Nuka (the creature in the depths) will not be able to follow them if they need to retreat.
- Deep underground, Grant can sense the presence of a fellow Warden. He assumes that it is not Jacob but rather the creature itself and he decides to explore what else they can learn before confronting it.
- In their explorations they find Jacob’s old workshop which is filled with half-finished clockwork devices. On the workshop table is a small cup of refined sugar, something that should not exist in this reality. The locals use honey, not sugar. Searching around, he discovered a small faerie girl who claims that she is stuck here – she can’t leave whilst Jacob is still ‘alive’. He was eaten by the Waka Nuka but because he was devoured and absorbed rather than killed, the link between them wasn’t broken and she’s been trapped here for decades. Jacob’s companion gives her name as (GM’s note – you guessed it, who else could it be for a mad-keen clockwork tinkerer) Tinkerbell.
* Image by Laia (@itslopezz), sourced from Google Images
- (GM’s note – this is not the Disney version of Tinkerbell, although I know enough about the Tinkerbell series of movies that I may leech some ideas from here and there. I wanted a ‘steampunk Tinkerbell’ who would make logical sense as Jacob’s companion.)
- Tinkerbell seems pleased to have someone to talk to, but also annoyed that she’s been stuck here for so long. She tells them about the Little Crawler’s emergence and how the dwarves were taken by surprise. It even managed to overpower and consume Jacob, a Warden of the Stair. She presumes that it has all of his knowledge but it still can’t physically find a way out.
- Grant and Ingmar decide to proceed on, and leave Tinkerbell be until they can find a way to release her. Grant avoids the main chamber where he suspects that the Waka Nuka is lurking, and he leads Ingmar into a series of chambers on the other side. There they find evidence of old dwarven mining sites, but also find three life-like statues. One is of a fighting man from the north. A second is of a beautiful elven swordswoman and the third appears to be that of a dwarven archer, but the head has been shattered by rockfalls from above. Grant suspects that there is something nearby which has the power of petrification, but he doesn’t know what kind of creature it is. Carefully exploring further, they find an old dwarven storeroom that contains a small keg of black powder. Grant and Ingmar recognise it as blasting powder and they hatch a plan to feed it to the Waka Nuka. After all, the name ‘Waka Nuka’ means ‘Big Mouth’ in the goblin tongue so they are hopeful that they can feed it a live explosive device.
- Retreating without discovering what petrified the three adventurers, they retreat and decide to find the Waka Nuka. They find the large rubbish pile that has accumulated over the many decades of goblin occupation – the pile that grows ever larger as refuse is thrown into the fissure above to end up here. The rubbish dump stinks. There is quite a variety of fungus growing here, presumably what the Waka Nuka has been eating.
- They make their way to the dwarven temple of the First Smith – the doors to the temple are warped and twisted as if something very hot and very large has pushed the door out of the way. Grant is almost certain that the Waka Nuka is inside. Its trail is sticky underfoot.

The Battle with the Little Crawler
- The Waka Nuka is inside the church of the First Smith. It can sense Grant just as he can sense it. (GM’s note – in this game, Wardens can sense each other just like Immortals can in the “Highlander” movie). The Waka Nuka is curious about Grant, and a little confused. Grant tells Ingmar to wait for a minute while he goes first.
- Inside, the church has been wrecked and remade into a very alien home for this creature. Grant goes to the nearest column for cover but he can’t see the creature. Sure enough, the Waka Nuka is behind the column. It glides out to peer at him. It’s big. Very big. Its body is more than twenty feet long and within its eel-like head crowned with tentacles are three eerie green eyes.
* Image sourced from Google Images, I wish I could find something like this with three evil eyes…. Oh well
- Grant takes a swing at the creature, effectively poking it in the eye, which confuses it further. It backs off and then rears up like a snake. Grant ignites the fuse on the keg of black powder and throws it at the Waka Nuka when it makes a move to strike.
- The Waka Nuka catches the powder keg in its powerful jaws and shatters it, cutting off the fuse. It then turns its baleful green gaze upon Grant and he can feel its mind touching his. He catches glimpses of when it first burst from its shell, tearing the face off the nearest dwarf and then springing upon the lord of the mines. Grant disrupts the mental contact with Umbra and ignites a torch, which he then hurls at the creature.
- The black powder is still in the Waka Nuka’s jaws and the flame of the torch ignites it with a sudden flash. The Waka Nuka gives an alien shriek and retreats with inhuman speed for something of its size and bulk.
- Grant calls for Ingmar and the doughty dwarf charges into the chamber with his axe. Ingmar spots the creature and charges, trying to pierce its armoured hide with his axe. This gives Grant the opportunity to draw the Black Whip which is supposed to reduce foes into ‘red goo’.
- The Waka Nuka quickly regains its wits and decides to attack Ingmar. This gives Grant the opportunity to test out the evil Whip. To his pleasant surprise, it is very effective. It cuts clean through the Little Crawler’s carapace as if the armour wasn’t there at all, badly wounding the creature.
- Hurt, the Waka Nuka tries to retreat but Ingmar gives a bloodthirsty cry and sinks his blade into its neck. The creature flails in its death throws and a number of further hasty blows and strikes are struck. Then suddenly, all is quiet and the Waka Nuka is no more. Grant can no longer feel the presence of a Warden. They’ve killed it. (Grant realises that the Black Whip is a very potent weapon, and given that it is faerie-crafted, it will probably work in other realities as well).

The Aftermath
- Ingmar gives a hearty laugh and claps Grant on the back. He is very pleased. Together, they explore the rest of the First Smith’s temple and find many chambers that the Waka Nuka was unable to reach. They recover the Armour of the Fellowthongs, the ancestral armour of the clan which Ingmar was so desperate to find, and the great forging warhammer that Hammer (the dwarf) spoke of. Furthermore, there are many riches here in the vaults that have laid undisturbed here for decades.
- Tinkerbell is very pleased. She is now free, and with her newfound freedom, she continues working on one of her projects that she was unable to complete before due to missing parts.
- Returning to the goblins, Grant and Ingmar are welcomed as heroes by the goblins (even though the Goblin King would prefer to downplay matters, he is caught by the excitement of the moment and has little choice but to be gracious and congratulate them).
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 257 is up

Post by Mister_Bruce » Wed Dec 29, 2021 5:28 pm

Session 257 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 17) – 22nd December 2021

- GM’s note: The Secrets of Tyland arc is coming to a close. The fifth and last sacrifice (Day 56) is fast approaching, and their enemies are not standing still. Grant and Ingmar may have slain the Waka Nuka (The Crawler’s offspring) but the threat of the Crawler itself remains. Time is running out…

Day 38 - Thunderday – 23rd Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The goblins celebrate well into the next day as they rejoice in the death of the monster below. Grant and Ingmar are treated as great heroes. When the festivities die down, Grant explores the Warden Tower and meets the light spirit that protects the Tower. He learns that it is possible to scry from this Tower using the crystal orb that the light spirit inhabits.
- Returning to the lower level of the Hexenhoof Mines, Grant and Ingmar make sure that the goblins will not be able to access the dwarven relics and treasure trove. Grant finds that Tinkerbell is working on a machine which looks suspiciously like a faerie-sized motorbike. He surprises her by correctly identifying what it is, revealing that he isn’t from here and is in fact a Warden of the Stair, like Jacob was. Tinkerbell seems focused on finishing her bike (“it’ll fly”, she says) but she seems interested in what Grant might do next, especially if where he is going would be of interest to a tinker fairy.
- Grant begins working on an antidote to reverse the petrification on the two adventurers which have been frozen in stone. He has previously spotted a Stone Viper slithering around the catacombs so he hunts it down and extracts its venom. Grant is very good with poisons and he manages to create an antidote, which he then administers. The antidote needs to be applied to the statues’ eyes, but the effect is almost instantaneous. Both the northerner and the elven swordsmen are returned to flesh and blood.
* Both images sourced from Google Images, but I think the one on the right is Daria Lefler, a Cosplayer. Normally I prefer art rather than pictures of real people but these pictures seem appropriate
- They are both disoriented as they don’t realise that any time has passed. They have been here for almost fifty years. They were investigating the reason for the dwarves’ sudden disappearance and have no knowledge of the goblins above. The northerner is a quiet man called Jo. The elven female is called Wendolyn – Grant gets the impression that this is not her real name, but just the closest approximation of her elven name. She is surprised that Grant can speak elven but is disappointed when Grant has no knowledge of the state of her homeland (also to the north). Both claim to have seen a basilisk, which they describe for Grant. Not willing to look for trouble, they withdraw.
- In Stonebridge, Ethan finds that he must pay a toll to the Steel Eagles to visit the shops on the other side of the river. He finds a pawn shop called The Red Fox (no doubt named after the infamous dwarven thief) and he asks Otto about the missing lens. Otto is petrified when Ethan explains that they have Otto’s brother Rannik in custody but he is unwilling to part with the lens. When Ethan asks about the Deed that would give the Fellowthongs clan official custody of the Hexenhoof Mine, Otto explains that the rumour was that it was taken by Lord Korab’s father long ago. It would be in the Weeping Castle if it still exists.
- Unwilling to leave Otto in possession of the lens, Ethan uses his Ranked Psyche to guess where Otto is hiding it, and then Ethan puts him to sleep (using a minor spell). He recovers the lens and revives Otto. Otto has no memory of Ethan taking the missing lens.
- Ethan doesn’t like the Steel Eagles but pays the toll again to return to Pete’s tavern on eastern side of the river. There, he sits down at a quiet table to examine the map with the two lenses and confirms the location of Rannik’s treasure – there is a dwarven tomb only five miles south of Stonebridge. Ethan presumes that Rannik has a stash somewhere within the tomb. He has no idea how big that stash is – he organises to borrow some ponies, just in case, paying liberally for them with silver.
- Ethan mulls over how to leave Stonebridge with treasure, and he decides that a boat would be safest. However, the docks are on the eastern side of the river and he would need to approach from the west, which would mean that the Steel Eagles would probably inspect his cargo. While he is thinking over the options, he gets chatting with the proprietor. Peter is a relatively young man, recently married to a pretty woman called Ginestra. Peter hates the Steel Eagles, and he explains that most of the town would prefer to do without their ‘protection’. He sees them as little more than greedy bandits who take whatever they please. Despite not wanting to get involved, Ethan finds that he likes Peter. He listens as Peter tells him about Redfield, one of the locals who tried to stand up to the Steel Eagles. They hanged him and confiscated his home. Redfield’s wife Johanna is still there, kept as a miserable servant.
- Ethan decides to go and look at the Redfield farm, but this time one of the Steel Eagles recognises him as the deputy who beat up a whole group of them and took their horses. Crossbow bolts are fired, and Ethan decides that he can’t leave this situation alone.
- It takes Ethan less than two hours to retake Stonebridge. None of the Steel Eagles make it out alive. The first battle is fought at the Redfield farm, and Ethan overwhelms their defenses in a matter of minutes and slays many of them, including their captain. With Redfield farm retaken, Johanna proves a valuable ally as to where the other Steel Eagles will be. The eastern side of the bridge is quickly secured and Ethan finds himself joined by many angry villagers who are only too glad with stand with him and drive out their oppressors.
- The people sweep across the bridge and drag out the remaining Steel Eagles, showing them no mercy for their previous actions. Some are stabbed or shot as they flee. Others are strung up and hung. Johanna keeps count as each is slain. Finally, Ethan needs to wait until a patrol returns and then ambush it with some of the others. In the end, none of the Steel Eagles in Stonebridge survive. The rebellion has been swift.
- In the evening, the people of Stonebridge celebrate. Ethan joins in briefly but then fades away from sight, letting them enjoy their moment. Jorus, the blind justicar who is one of the town elders, comes to speak with Ethan. He is impressed with Ethan and asks if Ethan would be willing to stay. The inference is that Jorus is looking for a successor and he feels that Ethan may have potential. They talk for a while and Ethan admits that he doesn’t know where his journey is taking him, but he feels as though he still has a long way to ‘walk’. Jorus counsels him that there is no need to walk further, as he is clearly needed here.

Day 39 - Fireday – 24th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- On the next day, Grant prepares to leave the Hexenhoof Mine with Ingmar, Jo and Wendolyn and return to Tyland Mill. He notes that Whistlercow’s robin is still in a tree outside the mine gates, waiting to convey a message when Grant chooses to send one. There is also a cloudy-formed sylph waiting for him. The sylph says that she was sent by Vendra three days earlier, but she was intercepted. It took her some time for her to reach Tyland Mill but by the time she reached the place, Grant had already left. Her message is that the Lurkers are on the move, heading north from The Gorge. They could be on their way to attack Silvertrout Manor (Red’s hideout) or even to attack Vendra’s home. Grant does a quick calculation and realises that the Lurkers would have reached either location by now.
- Grant returns to the Warden Tower and uses the scrying sphere to look at what has happened to Silvertrout Manor. He finds that it has been attacked and there is no one moving there. The attack is long over. He then tries to look at Vendra’s tree house (based on Ethan’s description of where it is) and finds that she is fine. She is aware of the scrying but not of its source.
- Grant asks the sylph to return with a message to Vendra, and then the party makes its way back towards Tyland Mill. Tinkerbell is left behind, working away on her motorbike. They stop for the evening at Theod’s Stead where they are welcomed. Jo eats heartily, but Wendolyn seems to find it annoying that so many of the young men are staring at her. (she is very beautiful)
- Meanwhile, Ethan decides to leave Stonebridge with four borrowed ponies and he heads south towards the dwarven tomb. He reaches it, explores the tomb and finds Rannik’s treasure. There is a lot more treasure than he expected. Not just gold and silver coins and gemstones, but a quantity of ingots as well. A lot of this treasure is marked with the royal seal – it belongs to the King of Ventar, not to the dwarves or to Tyland Mill. Feeling that he can’t leave it here, he decides to load up the ponies but is interrupted by an Icon contact from Grant.
- After an early dinner at Theod’s estate, Grant contacts Ethan and informs him of the attack on Silvertrout Manor, and that he has slain the Waka Nuka. He confirms that Jacob is dead. Grant makes some suggestions as to how to avoid taking the treasure through Stonebridge. Ethan also says that the Deed which Ingmar has been seeking may be in the Weeping Castle and he asks Grant as to where it might be held. Grant has seen a library full of paperwork and he suggests this as a good place to look. He also suggests that Ethan organise a river boat to meet him on the western banks of the Dusker river to transfer his cargo without being detected. Grant asks Ethan to perform a divination (now that the Waka Nuka is dead) and let him know the result. Ethan agrees to do this and he casts the spell. This is a powerful spell but it does not greatly disturb Gossamer Reality because it doesn’t manipulate the world around him. When the spell is completed, Ethan contacts Grant and tells him that the threat to Tyland Mill remains but it has changed. He is almost certain that the Waka Nuka was the biggest threat because of its capability to traverse the Stair (if it could reach a Door), but the Crawler and possibly even the Fey remain serious threats.
- Ending the Icon contact, Ethan decides to leave the treasure and returns to Stonebridge empty-handed. He charters a river boat to take him south the next day and organises a place to pick him up from the western bank, about a mile out of town. The mood in Pete’s tavern is festive that evening. Everyone is happy to see Ethan back again and he is rewarded with a free meal and drinks.

Day 40 - Swordsday – 25th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Ethan leaves before dawn to return to the dwarven tomb. He recovers the treasure and loads it piece by piece onto the ponies, either into saddlebags or tying the wooden boxes across their backs. There is so much treasure that Ethan finds it hard to believe that the Red Fox worked alone.
- He then makes his way to the river bank to meet Keel, the river boat merchant who has been waiting for him. He unloads the cargo, much to Keel’s curiosity and then returns the ponies to their owner in Stonebridge. Ethan finds the boat still waiting for him and they set off downstream. During the day, he passes Alfrin heading the other way towards Stonebridge.
GM’s note – I was unsure as to whether Ethan would insist on going to the Weeping Castle next (because of the potential threat of retaliation from the Weeping Castle), or return with the treasure to Tyland Mill. In the end, we had to assume that the people of Stonebridge had stepped up and were prepared to defend their homes should that occur. However, Ethan wanted to return swiftly to the area if possible.
- Grant reaches Tyland Mill a few hours after dawn. All is well. His deputies have looked after the place and the rest of the Fellowthongs clan are ecstatic to see that Ingmar has returned with the fabled Armour of the Fellowthongs. However, there is no news from Red or Silvertrout Manor. The good news is that a Priestess of Myrthala (the healing goddess) and her two disciples have arrived. They were heading south towards Old Oaks but Tellurian asked that they stay to help purify a temple (a reference to the Old Temple which was never cleansed).
- After checking that everything is in order, Grant figures that he should see Lady Marian to inform her as to what has happened. However, before he can do this, the first survivors from Silvertrout Manor arrive. Led by Poacher Jack (whom Grant rescued from the dungeons of the Weeping Castle), there are about forty of them – men, women and children - they’ve been walking for three days and they are carrying with them all that they could salvage. They tell the story of being attacked before dawn by a ‘horde from the river’ – hundreds of the beasts. Jack believes that Red was taken by the creatures. He didn’t escape this time.
- Victoria, the priestess of Myrthala and her disciples, join the rest of the community to look after the poor people who have just arrived. Grant and Mayor Prigg organise the community to assist – the people need food, water and a place to rest. Grant notes that the Whistlercow’s red robin is still hanging around, following him at a discreet distance wherever he goes.
* Image sourced from Google Images, but I think this one comes from Paizo’s Pathfinder
- Much later in the day, Grant goes to talk to Lady Marian and raises the possibility that the community of Tyland Mill could come under attack. If it took the Lurkers two days to reach Silvertrout Manor, and they attacked before dawn on 22nd Day of Rainmoot, then the earliest that they could return to the Gorge and attack Tyland Mill would be the 26th. It is a sobering conversation – the defenses of Tyland Mill are inadequate against an attack from the river. Grant thinks that their best chance of survival is to hire the Steel Eagles (what’s left of them) and he tells Marian that Ethan has recovered a quantity of treasure that could be used to pay for their services.
- Grant returns to the village and talks to his deputies, Ingmar and the two adventurers, Jo and Wendolyn about the potential of the town coming under attack in the next few days. He wants the river watched, and he starts planning what to do if the Lurkers do attack. He heads to the Good Omen Inn and finds that Salthia is no longer flustered about running this place. With two dwarves, one of the local men and a teenage girl, they seem to be competently running the place ‘under new management’. Salthia is pleased to see Grant.
- That night, with the moon the faintest sliver in the sky, Keel’s river boat encounters a strange mist on the river. Keel himself is fast asleep, but Ethan is not. The fey come from the waters, rising quietly onto the deck and trying to take the Wynterlyr’s Ring. Each looks like a drowned wretch, with long wet hair, long faces and unnaturally long fingernails. When they find Ethan awake, they try to bargain to acquire Wynterlyr’s Ring in return for safe passage. Ethan refuses and a battle is fought whilst the merchant sleeps.

Day 41 - Saintsday – 26th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Saintsday is a rest day in this world. The community of Tyland Mill has embraced the survivors of Red’s band, but there is also an unease. Is it possible that the Lurkers will attack Tyland Mill next?
- Grant asks for Sister Victoria’s help to cleanse the Old Temple and she readily agrees. Descending to the lower level, he leads her to Wynterlyr’s statue and she purifies it with prayer and holy water. When the muck and taint is removed, Wynterlyr’s statue looks lifelike. Even his thin lips look like they are slightly smiling now. The stone statue of a sparrow on the tip of his fingers actually comes to life and flies away as a real bird.
- A pair of woodcutters arrives in town from Old Oaks.
- Returning to Tyland Mill, Grant spends a lot of time thinking about how the Lurkers could attack the village and who the fifth sacrifice could be. He assumes that it is the Mill Lady (who is descended from Tyland Redmantle) but he doesn’t know for sure. Reflecting on the last days before the fourth sacrifice, he recalls that Marian acknowledged Red publicly as her half-brother. The three sisters, Sylvia, Irina and Nadia, were there when that was publicly revealed. He wonders if the Lurkers attacked Silvertrout Manor just to capture Red. He wonders if they already have their victim for the last sacrifice. At the last full moon, the priestesses showed that they were capable of contingency planning – they had a primary and a secondary target. Could Red be either of those?
- Grant doesn’t like this at all. He is becoming convinced that he needs to find Nyrath before the next two weeks. It is only two weeks (fourteen days) until the next Full Moon.
- Grant contacts Ethan via Icon to find out how far away he is and is told that he’ll arrive in Tyland Mill tomorrow. The conversation is brief. Ethan has also been thinking about what would happen if the Lurkers were to attack Tyland Mill. He has been thinking about Vendra’s inability to leave her tree house due to wounds inflicted during the Necromancer War. If she were healed, Vendra might be a powerful asset in any upcoming battle.
- Grant spends the night with Salthia.

Day 42 - Moonday – 27th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- Keel’s river boat pulls into Tyland Mill early on the Moonday morning. Unloading the treasure is done quietly, without drawing attention what is being carried. The treasure is secured in the Sheriff’s Tower, and Rannik has no idea that his coveted treasure is simply across the hall. Grant warden-locks the door, and goes to tell Lady Marian that they have it.
- Grant and Ethan spend a lot of the day discussing what to do next. Someone needs to go to the Weeping Castle to recover the Deed of the Fellowthongs (if it is there), and also to hire the remaining Steel Eagles. There is also a need to locate Nyrath, find clues as to who the fifth sacrifice might be and maybe even rescue Red and any of his band who are still alive.
- Ethan is keen to find Nyrath (he has been for many weeks), but he also knows that Grant is much sneakier than he is. Grant is more likely to be successful than he is, and Ethan feels that he has an obligation to deal with the Steel Eagles lest they launch reprisals against Stonebridge.
- They also discuss the Ring of Command. There is a lot of pressure from the fey to return the Ring, and they are both concerned about whether Wynterlyr might side with the Crawler in order to recover his Ring. In the end, they agree that Ethan will continue to wear the Ring, because it attracts a lot of attention from the fey. Grant doesn’t need that kind of attention if he is heading to The Gorge to find Nyrath. It is decided that Ethan will head north to the Weeping Castle, and Grant will head east to find the city of the Lurkers.
- Ethan sleeps in the Sheriff Tower and feels much refreshed as a result.
- That evening, Grant receives an unexpected Icon contact. It is Cal, Lord of Gossamer. Cal has contacted Grant as he has not spoken to him in some time and he simply wishes to ‘catch up’. They have a pleasant conversation. Grant asks whether Cal would be prepared to join him, preferably with some appropriate reinforcements. At first, Cal is surprised by this request but as Grant explains the situation, Cal agrees. Grant explains that he would like to keep Cal and his forces in reserve in case they should need to ‘call in the cavalry’.
* The image is of Cal, from Lords of Gossamer. The artwork is by Jason Rainville
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LoG&S Campaign - Grant/Ethan - Session 258 is up

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Session 258 – Secrets of Tyland (Part 18) – 2nd January 2022

- GM’s note: Grant goes in search of the Ruins of Nyrath whilst Ethan deals with the Steel Eagles

Day 43 - Towerday – 28th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next morning, Ethan heads off with Magnus, one of Ingmar’s kinsmen. Their destination is the Weeping Castle and they hope to recruit the Steel Eagles and locate the missing Deed which would give the Fellowthongs Clan the proof that they own the Hexenhoof Mine. Grant believes that the deed could be found amongst the paperwork in the library on the second floor.
- Despite it being a nice, sunny day, Grant decides that he needs to delve into the Undertown beneath Tyland Mill. He wants to make sure that he has all available information before heading east to the Gorge. Ethan has mentioned two chambers that Grant has not explored – a room with a dark pool which feels palpably evil, and a temple of the Crawler which has murals on the central pillar. There is also a door which has the mark of the Crawler on it which neither of them has opened.
- Remembering that he found the body of a Crawler priest who had been crushed by a rockfall a long ago, Grant decides to return to the site and see if it is possible to excavate it. After some time digging, he can retrieve the skeleton. Much has been crushed but the purple robe is still mostly intact and the priest’s creepy facemask is still in good condition. He also finds a strange viscous purple potion, an ebony sacrificial dagger and a star-symbol of the Crawler. Pleased with this discovery, Grant thinks about using this as a disguise when he locates the city of Nyrath.
- Grant then turns his attention to the temple chamber. On the pillar he finds four murals, each depicting a scene from the Crawler’s past. A star falls from the sky into a lake. An enormous serpentine creature comes out of the lake, surrounded by Lurkers and the Men on the shore of the lake bow in front of it. In the third mural, Lurkers and men fight under the gaze of the Crawler - the Men are victorious over the Lurkers. In the final mural, there is a scene of a great city being built on the shores of the lake.
- Grant studies the final mural in detail, hoping for a clue as to its location at the Gorge. Ultimately, he’s not sure – there are mountains shown and there are shadows which might indicate a certain place – but it could also just be artistic license and things may have changed since the city was built.
- Grant then inspects the room with the black pool. Ethan was right. The whole place feels evil, as if something very dark happened here long ago. There are disturbances in the dust on the floor as if some of the Lurkers came to the pool to pay reverence, but he is not able to determine any other significance.
- He then turns his attention to the door which has been warded (defiled) by the mark of the Crawler. Inside he finds an old temple which contains a greenstone frog – the missing frog from the other temple of ‘Many Frogs’. There are four Lurkers in the chamber but these are different to the ones that are in service to the Crawler. These ones have amphibian heads. Each looks like they have died here – they are covered in a thick layer of dust – and yet they are still alive and in some sort of trance. Grant decides to ask permission of the four creatures to take the greenstone frog. He hears no audible response but feels a sense of relief from the room around him. As he leaves the room with the frog statue, the frog guardians crumble into dust.
- Grant returns to the chamber of Many Frogs and returns the missing idol. When he does so, the murals of frogs around the chamber come alive and start croaking happily. One of the braziers bursts into life and burns with a green flame. Grant can hear the croaking and understands the appreciation in the many voices. Many Frogs wants to reward him with a gift – he is being told to place a weapon within the brazier to receive the gift. Pausing for a moment, he takes his longsword (not Gorgorin) and places it in the flame. It burns with a green flame and he understands that this gift will not only imbue his blade with magical energy, but also enable him to breathe underwater. This is useful given that he plans to go the Gorge to find the city of Nyrath and there is a strong likelihood that some of it is underwater.
- Grant talks to Many Frogs and asks if they can tell him where Nyrath is. The frog god is surprised that Grant can understand him and responds that Nyrath has been heavily damaged by many earth tremors over the centuries. Many Frogs explains that Nyrath was built upon an isthmus that extended out into the Gorge but the city has almost certainly partly sunken into the Gorge itself. Apparently there is another temple to Many Frogs in Nyrath but it has probably been destroyed or defiled. However, if Grant can reach the temple, Many Frogs promises to assist where he can.
- Thinking over what Many Frogs said, Grant decides to return to the temple with the pillar of the four murals. He spends more time looking over the chamber and finds a secret door. He figures out that it would normally only open if the braziers are lit (which would require a ritual of some kind) but this is no obstacle to a Master of the Stair. He opens the secret door with a wave of his hand and finds the treasure room of the Cult of the Crawler – none of which has been removed by the three priestesses. Apart from a cache of gold and gemstones, there are large pieces of black chitin which are probably pieces of the Crawler – they would almost certainly make fine armour if fashioned. He also finds a helmet which is made of black chitin and dark steel which would be suitable for him if he wanted to cut a fearsome image (which he does, from time to time).
- Grant returns to the Sheriff’s Tower after a lengthy time in the Undercity. He is surprised not to have met Zod, the goblin vampire – he wonders if the ‘gampire’ has moved on. When he reaches Tyland Mill, one of his deputies tells him that there is a storm in the east (in the direction of the Gorge) which is clearly visible using the spyglass on the third floor. Given the direction that weather patterns move, the storm itself is clearly unnatural.
- Ethan has an uneventful day on the road, heading to the Weeping Castle. He finds more about Magnus, his travelling companion. Magnus likes to tell stories and carries a small lyre which he enjoys playing with his large stubby fingers.

Day 44 - Wineday – 29th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next morning, Grant heads off on the river towards the Gorge. He has borrowed a fishing boat which he rows downstream. He knows that an old woman called Aunt Millie has a cottage near the bridge, but she was used as the priestesses’ alibi when one of them was away, so he decides not to take the risk that she is in cahoots with them. Even though Ethan spoke positively of his meeting with Aunt Millie, he decides to avoid her.
- Grant spots the fresh channel that Ethan mentioned where the River Rose had been dragged by a gigantic octopus-creature. He paddles on. Late in the day he spots a plume of smoke to the south-east and he decides to investigate. There shouldn’t be another settlement here, so close to the Gorge.
- Meanwhile, Ethan and Magnus reach the Weeping Castle in the late morning. Ethan is recognised as one of the Sheriff’s Deputies (and someone who has beaten some of them up previously) but they are still admitted. It is clear that Raktor Stoneface is in charge. There is no pretence that Lord Korab is still alive. Raktor says that Korab ‘died in his sleep’ and his Lady fled, leaving him in charge.
- Raktor has no interest in the Deed which the dwarves are seeking. He allows Magnus to look around the library which Grant referred to whilst Raktor and Ethan talk further. Raktor is ice-cold when he talks to Ethan – and Raktor gives Ethan the impression that he thinks that he has the upper hand. Raktor also seems to think that Ethan has nothing to offer, so he listens.
- Ethan offers to hire the Steel Eagles, but Raktor counters that he already has employment. He doesn’t say who hired him but Ethan guesses that one of the Priestesses has hired the Steel Eagles to do ‘nothing’, effectively preventing the Mill Lady from hiring them. Raktor coolly tries to see if he can recruit Ethan. Ethan listens but he isn’t sure what game Raktor is playing. He doesn’t seem to be aware that Ethan has destroyed the Steel Eagle garrison at Stonebridge, cutting his forces by a third.
- Conversation turns to payment if the Deed is located, and Raktor is surprised when Ethan offers to compensate him and shows him that he is carrying gold. They talk further.
- In the late afternoon, Grant beaches the fishing boat and goes to find who is living this close to the Gorge. In the swamps he meets one of the Red’s men, a fellow called Knuckles who is guarding the merchant Shaafi’s crop of swamp-weed. Grant has discovered this world’s equivalent of dope – and Knuckles is guarding the farm and areas where the cut grasses are laid out to dry. When Grant offers to buy some swamp-weed, Knuckles relaxes, and they sit back to enjoy a pipe. There are many varieties of swamp-weed, some more potent than others. Grant is intrigued by the lotus infusion which is said to be ‘life changing’ so he buys the only quantity that Knuckles has. Knuckles has no knowledge of what has happened at Silvertrout Manor – he has been here for weeks but is expecting Shaafi back ‘in the near future’.
- Magnus finds the missing Deed which gives the Fellowthongs Clan legitimate title to the Hexenhoof Mine. He says nothing of this but simply pockets it and returns to join Ethan in the great hall. There, the mood is tense. Ethan has figured out that Raktor sees no profit in helping the Mill Lady – from his perspective, she has no coin and he’s already been paid to ‘guard the Weeping Castle’ for the foreseeable future. Besides, if Cutting Field was destroyed by an attack from the river, the Weeping Castle is a more defensible location. Raktor would prefer to ‘wait it out’ and not get involved in what may be losing position.
- Ethan is calm, assessing the Steel Eagles and waiting for Magnus’ return. When Magnus returns to the chamber, Ethan knows that he has what they came for. He figures that Raktor knows as well. Ethan finds himself with a dilemma – he doesn’t feel that he can leave the Steel Eagles in control of the Weeping Castle. They might join forces with the Priestesses of the Crawler against the people of Tyland Mill. They are also likely to inflict reprisals against the people of Stone Bridge. However, he also has to make sure that Magnus returns to his people with the Deed.
- There is a moment of silence as both Ethan and Raktor size each other up. Raktor doesn’t know what Magnus has but assumes that it must be valuable. Ethan believes that Raktor thinks that he has captured them both. Ethan decides to play along with the ruse a little longer and asks for hospitality for the evening, with the intention of leaving the next morning. Raktor gives a cold smile but nods.
- There is no great feast in the great hall that evening. It seems that their supplies are low and the meat is old. The plate of food that is offered to Ethan and Magnus is very poor fare. Even though some of the men ask for a barrel of wine from Korab’s cellar, Raktor refuses them. Ethan and Magnus watch two servants being roughly treated but say nothing. They listen to conversation about the lack of supplies from Stone Bridge but Ethan does not say anything of this. He merely notes it.
- It does not take long for the Steel Eagles to pick a fight with Ethan. Two of them who were beaten by him for raiding a farmstead decide to flank Ethan, and one spits in his food. Ethan smiles as he didn’t really want the food anyway, and he pleasantly asks if they would like another beating.
- The challenge is watched with interest by the Steel Eagles, and Raktor in particular. Ethan flattens one, then two, then three of his men in hand-to-hand combat. The Steel Eagles start egging on others to try – and one by one they are knocked down, knocked out, knocked flying.
- Within half an hour, there are a lot of bruised and battered Steel Eagles and Ethan appears unscratched. Judging that he has their attention, Ethan tells them that the garrison at Stone Bridge is gone – he wiped it out less than a week ago. (This gets their attention) He makes it clear that he isn’t their prisoner, they are his. He produces a pouch of gold and says that those who are willing to fight for Tyland Mill will be paid in gold. If not, he can’t afford for them to be on the other side.
- But Ethan misjudges the crowd. He has just openly challenged Raktor’s authority and Raktor orders them to draw swords and get him. (Ethan notes that some also have crossbows) Ethan isn’t happy with starting a battle in the great hall with so many Steel Eagles present, and he urges Magnus to watch his back as they retreat to the door. A dozen crossbows are levelled at them and Raktor orders them to surrender.
- Ethan decides to throw down his sword and offers to surrender. But Raktor then tells his men to shoot them anyway. Again, Ethan has misjudged the situation. Ethan throws a ‘Force Push’ which throws a number of them back and recovers his blade. He is on them before any others can fire.
- There are thirty men in the Great Hall – Ethan is vastly outnumbered, but he is the vastly superior fighter. He kills a handful and then withdraws with Magnus out into the corridor. The alarm is quickly raised and Magnus asks if Ethan has a plan given that he’s started a fight inside a castle with at least fifty of them. Ethan and Magnus withdraw and Ethan uses a ‘Mental Invisibility’ spell to cloak them to give them a breather and a chance to plan.
- Magnus confirms that he has the Deed, and Ethan explains that he can’t allow the Steel Eagles to remain as a viable fighting force. If he can’t hire them then he needs to ‘deplete them’. Magnus can’t believe that Ethan is talking about taking on the entire garrison by himself, but Ethan calmly says that if he moves quickly and avoids situations where they can overwhelm him with numbers, he’ll be able to do it. Probably.
- With the instruction that Magnus should stay close with him, Ethan goes to work. He moves quickly and strikes hard at small groups of Steel Eagles that he runs across, while avoiding those with crossbows or larger groups. Magnus keeps count of the dead, which quickly reaches double-digits. As the numbers climb, Ethan switches from hit and run tactics to sweeping and clearing out the towers.
- After an hour of brutal fighting, the remaining Steel Eagles seem to have split into two groups. One group, led by Raktor, has fortified itself in the great hall and are waiting for Ethan to come to them. The other group, a smaller group of eight, are waiting by the main gates and have offered their service to Tyland Mill.
- Magnus counts thirty-eight dead. With eight left at the main gates, that means that there shouldn’t be any more than thirty or forty of them left. It’s still not enough. Thirty men could still do a lot of damage to Stone Bridge, or Tyland Mill if they joined the Crawler. Ethan decides to go to the great hall to try to negotiate again but he is distracted by one of the servants who tells him that the surviving Steel Eagles have taken the remaining serving staff as hostages. The servant tells him that the Steel Eagles have been poor masters and have badly mistreated the servants, particularly the serving girls.
- Ethan negotiates through the door. He explains that his offer still stands. He will offer gold to the Steel Eagles to join the forces of Tyland Mill, but he cannot allow them to stay here and threaten the local community. Ethan is allowed into the room to negotiate further. In the room, he finds the surviving Steel Eagles number only thirty-five but they have hostages. Raktor is still poker-faced, but he admits that he misjudged Ethan. He has never seen a fighter like Ethan before. He asks calmly for more information about what is being demanded of them, and when Ethan explains, he tells his men to put away their weapons. Raktor agrees to the proposal. The Steel Eagles seem deflated but Raktor chastises them that there is no profit in continuing to fight and enough damage has already been done.
- The hostages are released, and one of the serving girls named Jane tells Ethan of further tales of how they have been abused and mistreated. Talking to the staff, Ethan asks for them to send a runner to Stone Bridge to advise them of what has happened. A token force of Steel Eagles will remain in the Weeping Castle, but the servants will have the right to veto who remains.
- Ethan asks Raktor to ready the remaining Steel Eagles to head to Tyland Mill once they’ve buried or burned their dead. Raktor acknowledges these commands – he refers to Ethan as ‘Lord’.
- Late in the evening, Magnus begins composing a song whilst plucking at the strings of his lyre. The servants bring Ethan food and drink to thank him for their deliverance. Magnus chuckles when he remarks that the red-haired Jane has taking a liking to Ethan. Ethan remarks that he hadn’t noticed (but of course he has).

Day 45 – Thunderday – 30th Day of Rainmoot (Spring)
- The next day, Grant rises early and heads beneath the stormclouds in the direction of the Gorge. He reaches the escarpment that falls away to the body of water below and begins following it around the southern side of the lake. There are mists on the lake that move. It is an eerie place. There is no rainfall from above and he can feel potent magic at work. The stormclouds feel somewhat pensive. He finds the city of Nyrath, or what is left of it, on the eastern shores. It has partly crumbled into the Gorge, but he can see the damaged isthmus which was once said to be in the shape of the Crawler. Donning the purple robe from the Crawler priest and putting on the arcane face mask, he begins making his way to the ruined city.
- Meanwhile, Ethan and Magnus begin the trek back to Tyland Mill. Raktor has agreed to follow them within a day. Ethan senses no deception in Raktor – he is behaving like a dutiful commander, at least for the moment.
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