Blessings & Curses questions

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Blessings & Curses questions

Post by Oracle » Thu Jul 14, 2016 5:35 pm

I do like the book, but I can't help but thinking that as in other supplements (Verse Arcanum for instance, great book too) the crunchy bits could have been developed a little bit more. I have a few specific examples and questions in mind:

* Curses can be attached to wards, but it's unclear when the points are subtracted from the pool: when making the ward, or when it is set up?
* Curses can be attached to an object, but is it necessary a constant curse (ie as in D&D) or can it be a conditional curse (for instance, a curse that is cast only when the item is stolen, or a magical poisoned apple?)? In both cases, how is the curse resisted, since there is no psychic contact?
* I feel that a death curse (as in Amber) is badly missing, how would you handle it? As in Amber RPG? With a points limit?
* How would this power behave in Verse Arcanum? Is deciding that the point costs are halved in this world fair?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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