"Moving Doors"

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"Moving Doors"

Post by kalimbra57 » Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:42 am

Hello everybody,

I am not a RPG mastering beginner but I will master my first LOGAS scenario on Friday evening (lucky, with every player around the same table). I plan to "copy" the introduction of M. Bruce campaign Grant and Ethan, just for the beginning, as initiation. Then I will follow with my own campaign as soon as the player (PC) are ready :)

I was wondering if it possible that a Door is in a moving place (like in a cruise boat or plane) ? I do not found specific answer in the core rulebook. I suppose the GM can decide, but i really like your advice .

Thanks in advance

.P.S. Of course I will post (if you want) the details of my campaign on this forum.

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